Why Do Teeth Get Pain?

Pain in the teeth is indeed one of the most annoying and annoying things. Why do our teeth feel pain especially after eating something cold? Many factors can cause the causes of rheumatic teeth:

– Deep Tooth Hole
Immediately visit your dentist. When the level of pain is low, it can usually (but not always) be overcome by filling. If the level of pain feels moderate when it is cold, you may have an infection of the tooth, and repair tartar is needed to save the tooth.

– Being treated on teeth
Any treatment for your teeth definitely feels uncomfortable, especially the increased sensitivity because your teeth have just been patched. It does not need to worry if the sensitivity gradually improves. However, if it worsens, this is a warning sign that you need to go back to your dentist for an examination. It could be that the disease has lodged in your teeth, and with tooth irritation due to treatment, this condition worsens and requires treatment.

– Root opening in teeth
When the gums are down, or the tooth enamel is thinning to the sensitive part of the exposed tooth, it can cause tooth pain when exposed to cold. Extra fillings or coatings on the teeth can cause pain. If this is the problem, then the teeth are also sensitive to air. Special toothpaste for owners of sensitive teeth can help this problem.