White Cigarettes are no safer than Kretek cigarettes

Look at the television ad after 9:00 p.m. White cigarettes are so intense campaigning. The campaign turned out to have attracted many people. With a unilateral claim “lighter” managed to convince people to enjoy white cigarettes. Even though the reality is not. “White cigarettes or kretek cigarettes are the same danger.” Said Dr. Asrul Harsal, SpPD-KHOM.

Even white cigarettes do not contain fewer harmful substances than ordinary cigarettes. Therefore, “lighter” claims are misleading. I quote this from the family health magazine, our doctor’s 11-THN II-November 2007 edition.

That is true; friends already have the facts. My brother-in-law used to consume white cigarettes, casually visiting the pulmonary doctor, just wanting to know and prove. It turned out that the results of the examination/scan found spots on the lungs; the condition was very different from the example of lungs free from cigarette smoke. Worried about what would happen in the future, he was eager to stop.

Quitting is not a business without the struggle; he was tortured in carrying out therapy because he had to separate from cigarettes for several months. Previously he was a fanatic defender of the pleasure of smoking, from smoking cigarettes to lightening the mind, bringing up ideas to perfecting the taste after eating. However, now all that turned around. According to him, everything feels better after stopping completely and away from cigarette smoke, appetite increases and the body is far more fit and fresh. Not only my brother-in-law who succeeded in stopping, a “thug” who is now no longer a “thug” also succeeded. Difficult doesn’t mean it can’t, right?

How hard it is to stop smoking, it is also very often I hear from gentlemen, brothers, and sisters who have been my partners to read (read: coolies) first, also from other friends, not men and women who want to quit smoking. Weight, if it must be far from the rolled tobacco. in this field, besides the stories in paragraphs two and three. So I took this article from a family health magazine, our doctor.

NEW breakthrough TO STOP SMOKING
Complaints that often appear in smokers who want to stop are the severity of overcoming dependence. Not to mention the effects that arise after quitting smoking, weakness, bad mood, difficulty concentrating and dizziness. As a result, the struggle to stop smoking was sometimes only halfway.

Now smokers who want to quit can be helped by the presence of varenicline, the first non-nicotine drug specifically created to stop smoking. The drug was launched in America around 2006. This year, the drug is officially circulating in Indonesia. The drug is present as an effort to combat smoking which has a new impact on health. Moreover, according to the survey Indonesia is the country with the most significant number of male smokers, namely 69%.

According to Dr. Irwan Rustandi, Varenicline has a unique way of working and is different from other smoking cessation products, such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and bupropion. NRT works by replacing the nicotine needs of smokers which are usually obtained from cigarettes. NRT may not supply nicotine. As with verenicline, which is not a nicotine replacement therapy and does not contain nicotine.

When smoking, nicotine begins to be absorbed by the bloodstream and transmitted to the brain. Nicotine is bound to the anticholinergic nicotinic receptor 42 in the ventral tegmental area (VTA). Nicotine bound at 42 receptors will release dopamine in the nucleus accumbens (NAC). Dopamine is what is believed to cause a feeling of middle and comfortable. Not surprisingly, smokers will return to smoking to get that comfortable effect.

When smokers begin to reduce or stop smoking, nicotine intake decreases and the release of dopamine also decreases, as a result arising from drug withdrawal symptoms in the form of irritability and stress.

This causes the way to stop smoking from being difficult because of the feeling of being addicted to nicotine. The role of varenicline functions as an addiction chain breaker. Usually, nicotine binds to 42 receptors, but later that will be related to receptor 42 is varenicline which works in two ways. First, varenicline stimulates receptors to release dopamine pasrial, the aim of which is to reduce drug withdrawal symptoms in the form of dizziness, difficulty concentrating or bad mood arising from the process of quitting smoking.

Second, varenicline blocks nicotine from attaching to receptors. So if you smoke again, nicotine cannot stick to the receptor, thereby reducing the pleasure of the cigarette. = Varenicline can be given to adult smokers or at least 18 years of age who want to stop smoking. Varenicline can be given to heavy or light smokers. The initial dosage given is lightly increased slowly. To achieve recovery stop smoking, it takes three months, both for heavy or light smokers.

Varenicline side effects
are nausea, headache, insomnia, and abnormal dreams. However, the benefits of quitting smoking are far greater because in a cigarette there are more than 4,000 chemicals and 250 carcinogenic substances.

Even chemicals found in tobacco smoke (cigarettes) such as acetone, butane, arsenic, cadmium, carbon monoxide, and toluene are the same as those found in industrial materials. So you can imagine it is not a bad impact of cigarettes? ** DK; Feny Apriyanti.

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