Vitamin Supplements: Need?

Vitamins are compounds that are needed to regulate metabolic functions in the body, repair cells and prevent premature aging.
Vitamins A, D, E, and K dissolve fat, while B and C dissolve in water. As a result of stress, changes in diet and an increasingly polluted environment, vitamin levels in the body also decrease.
This condition affects immunity so that the immune system decreases. To overcome these many people take vitamins in supplement form.
Supplements are nutrients that are added when the body needs them for metabolic processes, for example during stress or during healing or sportsmen.
But if the body does not need it and we continue to consume it, then there will be excess so that the supplement is no longer safe for the body.
The various effects of consuming excessive vitamin supplements include:
• Excess vitamin A supplements can risk brittle bones (osteoporosis), joint pain, headaches, fatigue, hair loss, etc.
• Excess vitamin B3 supplements can damage the liver
• Excess vitamin B6 supplements can damage nerves
• Excess vitamin E supplements cause diarrhea and headaches
In order to continue to get the benefits of supplements you should:
1. Pay attention to the label: the benefits of the product, composition, dosage per day, how to store, warning of usage.
2. Pay attention to how to use and obey the rules.
3. Take vitamin supplements in the morning.
4. Fat-soluble vitamins should be consumed together with fatty foods to support the absorption process.
5. The time to consume vitamineral should be consistent in terms of dose and time
6. Don’t take supplements excessively.
7. If the diet is good, there is no need to supplement.
8. Eat vitamins and minerals from nature such as safer vegetables and fruit
9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as quitting smoking and avoiding alcoholic beverages.