Ulcer – Ulcer Symptoms, Causes, and Characteristics

Ulcer is a pain in the stomach part of the human stomach. Heartburn is a type of disease in the digestive system that is very common. The name of heartburn may be familiar to us in our daily lives.

Heartburn is the familiar name of one of the disorders of our digestive system. Heartburn occurs when a thick layer of mucus that protects the stomach from digestive juices decreases in number. As a result, stomach acid digests the lining of the abdominal organs which is the cause of the stomach.

In the world of health, the term used for heartburn is peptic ulcer (peptic ulcer), which can attack the stomach or duodenum. The stomach and duodenum are parts of our digestive organs.

Ulcer disease is one of the digestive system diseases that is easily cured but can be severe if not treated properly.

As we already know, our digestive system consists of various organs, which start from the mouth to the anus. This stomach and duodenum is the second place to digest food after food is digested in our mouth. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of ulcers, the causes of ulcers, the characteristics of ulcers, and how to deal with stomach ulcers.

Causes of Gastritis – How does the stomach/duodenum occur?
You undoubtedly already know what an ulcer is. The definition of what is an ulcer has been explained before. An ulcer is a disease that causes pain in the abdomen or solar plexus. The causes of ulcers can be described as follows:

Foods that enter the stomach will be digested chemically with the help of pepsin and renin enzymes and stomach acid (HCl). In healthy people, there is a balance between enzymes and stomach acid with the endurance of the gastric mucosa (mucous layer in the stomach).

This means that the presence of enzymes and stomach acid does not cause interference with the lining of the gastric mucosa. They live well next door so that a peaceful atmosphere is created in the stomach cavity. If there is a balance disorder, there will be damage to the mucosa that causes pain (pain). If this disorder occurs continuously, then a wound occurs in the lining of the gastric mucosa which is the cause of the stomach.

Pain in acute ulcer symptoms is caused by stimulation of stomach acid to the lining of the gastric mucosa so that the nerve endings present are more sensitive to pain.

The pain in acute ulcer disease is usually felt in the area of ​​the pit of the stomach and feels clear so that it can be clearly demonstrated its location. Sometimes this pain is felt in the front chest wall or it can also be on the back. In addition to pain, stomach acid stimulation also causes nausea. This pain will be felt when the stomach is empty and disappear after being filled with food.

Symptoms of acute ulcer or a typical symptom of a disorder in the duodenum are a pain at night. Not all heartburn sufferers feel a complaint as mentioned above. There are also attacks without the characteristics of an ulcer, but suddenly there is vomiting of blood or defecation with blackened blood. Therefore you need to be alert at all times. This disease can affect anyone and at any age. Because so often, this disease is one of the problems in the health sector.

What causes stomach ulcers?
Some things that can cause heartburn are:

Dietary habit
The first cause of heartburn is an irregular eating pattern. People who have an irregular diet are susceptible to this disease. When the stomach has to be filled, but left empty, or delayed filling, stomach acid will digest the gastric mucous layer, resulting in pain. How to prevent ulcer disease, of course, you have to maintain a regular diet.
Type of food
The cause of ulcer is the type of food consumed. Certain foods will stimulate the stomach wall, resulting in inflammation/injury, such as spicy or acidic eating. Do not eat spicy or acidic overload is one way to prevent stomach ulcers so that you do not experience acute painful ulcer symptoms.
Emotional stress
Stress and emotions can also be the cause of ulcers. Gastric acid production will increase in stressful situations, such as excessive workload, anxiety, fear, or being rushed. Increased gastric acid levels will cause discomfort in the stomach which eventually becomes an acute symptom of stomach ulcers. The way to prevent emotional stress as a cause of ulcers is to practice calming the mind despite the many pressures in everyday life that often feel out of control.
Use of drugs
Heartburn is a disease that has many available drugs. However, in addition to stomach ulcers, it turns out that many drugs actually cause stomach ulcers. If you suffer from certain illnesses, you may often read warnings to take medication after eating. It is true, certain drugs stimulate the stomach wall, causing balance disorders
in the stomach. Because certain drugs, must be consumed after meals. Some of them are painkillers from the class of salicylates and mifenamic acid (eg aspirin, ponstan). Rheumatic drugs are also included. If not taken as recommended, medicines such as this can become an ulcer. How to prevent stomach ulcers by taking drugs before eating according to the doctor’s instructions really helps prevent acute ulcer symptoms.
There are diseases such as burns, surgery for kidney failure, and others.
Alcohol and cigarettes.
Ulcer Symptoms – Characteristics of an ulcer that must be known
Although not classified as dangerous, ulcer disease can become severe if not handled properly. It is essential for patients to recognize the symptoms of stomach ulcers as early as possible so they can take action when they relapse.

There are several symptoms of ulcers that are commonly experienced by sufferers. Heartburn begins with a burning and sore sensation in the middle of the stomach between the chest and navel.

The characteristics of this ulcer will be more intense when the stomach is empty and can last for several minutes for hours.

Other symptoms of ulcers are as follows:

Pain in the stomach
Losing weight
Don’t want to eat
Throws up
Feel full
Burning feeling in the chest
The pain that gets worse when eating and drinking
If the characteristics of an ulcer get worse, you should consult your doctor. Even though the discomfort caused by stomach ulcers is not so severe, taking precautions is far better than cure.

The dangers that threaten when suffering from heartburn are:
How to prevent ulcer disease you know. Ulcer is a disease that is sometimes underestimated because it is too familiar. Even though heartburn is something to look out for. Many of us consider this ulcer disease trivial. Though there are many serious threats behind the attack. The activity becomes disturbed because pain, pain, and nausea, is one sure thing. Well, what is often not realized is the further consequences of this disease. If left alone without treatment, the inflammation will be even more intense. The wound will deepen, the stomach will bleed. It’s bad!

The presence of bleeding in the stomach is characterized by very painful and accompanied by vomiting of blood or defecation in the form of blood that has turned black. If allowed to continue, the stomach can leak, the wound will penetrate the stomach wall so that the stomach is hollow. Blood will enter the abdominal cavity and cause intense pain. This situation can lead to death. The danger of an ulcer is a dangerous thing, so you should prevent it as much as possible before the acute ulcer symptoms that can bring fatal consequences.

If we are healthy, all activities will be possible. Indeed, health is not everything in life, but it has everything if it’s not healthy, so it’s useless, can’t enjoy it.