Tips to Overcome the Body Limp, Tired and Not Eager

Everyone must have experienced a weak body, ranging from children to adults. Often when the body feels weak, this is someone reluctant to do various activities. So, how to deal with this limp body?

Causes of Anxious Body
Before you know how to deal with a weak body, you need to know some of the reasons for a weak body that usually occurs. This is sometimes needed so you can anticipate and deal with it well.
In the medical world, two terms describe weak bodies, namely fatigue, and weakness, although many people think this is the same thing, in fact, the two things are something different.
• Fatigue
Fatigue is a feeling of fatigue or the need to rest because of lack of energy. This fatigue can occur due to lack of sleep, excessive anxiety, boredom or lack of exercise.
Besides, this condition is a symptom that may be caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy, drugs or certain diseases. Often depression can also cause fatigue.
• Weakness
Weakness is the lack of physical strength or muscle to move some parts of the body. Whereas, if muscle weakness is caused by pain, the person may be able to move the muscles, but this will cause considerable pain.
Other Feels Feeling Body
In addition to the two causes of weakness as described above, a weak body can also be caused by other things, including:
1. Heart problems
Many people do not think that a weak body can be a sign of heart disease, especially in women. If you feel a disturbance in exercising or feeling worse after exercising, it shows a defect in the heart. Check the doctor immediately.
2. Depression
As explained before, the body is weak and can also be caused by depression. This sadness also decreases your appetite. Immediately consult with a doctor to get the right treatment.
In addition to a weak body, depression also has other negative effects on body conditions such as disruption of skin health, hair baldness, and even trigger other dangerous degenerative diseases such as: heart, stroke, diabetes, hypertension to cholesterol problems
3. Problems with anemia
The next weak body can also be caused due to anemia. Anemia is a condition of lack of iron in the body. Why does iron make the body feel weak? Red blood cells and iron are one of the essential elements to carry oxygen throughout the body.
Well, without enough iron, the body will find it difficult to get oxygen to be processed into energy. This condition often occurs in women who are experiencing a pregnancy or menstrual period. Immediately consult with your doctor to get vitamin intake for limp body or drug without limp strength in the right dose.
4. Lack of sleep
Sleep deprivation is the cause of a weak body that often occurs in many people. For adults, at least optimal sleep time is 6-7 hours per day. To get quality sleep, avoid using devices or other electronic devices before going to bed.
Overcoming the Limp Body
Once you know things that can cause the body to go limp, now when you know tips on overcoming a limp body, including:
Step 1
First check your body condition, if you are tired and:
1. Sensitive + out of focus.
2. Sore throat + fever.
3. A mood of ups and downs, sadness, or lack of motivation.
4. Pale skin + dizziness.
It could be because:
1. Not getting enough sleep.
2. Mononucleosis (glandular fever).
3. Depression.
4. Iron deficiency (Anemia)
What you have to do:
• The body needs to sleep at least 8 hours, train to get up and sleep at the same time so that you get quality rest.
• If the throat easily hurts, immediately see a doctor because mononucleosis is a virus that infects the lymph nodes.
• Sometimes feeling sad is natural, but if you lose your appetite, check your condition to the doctor. Therapy and meditation may help.
• A diet with a little iron will inhibit the circulation of oxygen in the body, and the body feels weak. Take iron vitamins plus red meat and beans.
Step 2
Get rid of bad habits
• Too much sleep
Sleep is indeed useful for repairing damaged body cells. But not infrequently sleep makes muscles and brain tired. Wake up instead of being fresher, but the body is limp all day.
• Junk food
In general, junk food is food that is the process of cooking by frying. In fact, fried foods take longer to digest by the body.
Meanwhile, fruits, vegetables, and wheat provide energy for the body.
• Lack of fluid intake
When the body lacks fluid intake, this can have a negative impact on the body. Water has a vital role because it is responsible for transporting vitamins and oxygen to body cells to help lubricate bone joints. Besides, water also functions to help metabolize fat in the body.
Step 3
Practice relaxing. When stressed, your body will release hormones that make the body weak, angry quickly and difficult to focus. How to get swiftly relaxed?
• Close the room door, deactivate all electronic devices so that you rest without interruption.
• Choose activities that are not daily tasks, which make you feel relaxed like listening to music, playing with pets. Make sure your mood is good.
• Set the alarm. In this way, you don’t have to look at the clock to know when your short break ends.
Step 4
Tips for overcoming the last limp body is to consume healthy foods.
• Foods to overcome fatigue, weakness: nuts, spinach, tuna, strawberries, pineapple, low-fat milk that are rich in vitamin C.
• Mood enhancing foods: fish, shellfish, beef, chicken meat, eggs, tofu, tempeh, yogurt which are high in protein content.
• Anxiety repellent foods: salmon, tuna, caramel, wheat, brown rice, potatoes, fruits, broccoli, pumpkin, and nuts.