Tips for Prevention of Serious Disease

Regret always comes later, but learning from experience and still being alert can prevent regret. Dr. Mehmet Oz said that in order to improve public health, it is necessary to increase the awareness of the members of the community. All health care patients must know the types of disease treatment tests that need to be done, and what personal information their doctor should tell.

There are three things that according to Dr. Oz needs to be known by doctors. First, you are honest in all matters of medical treatment. Second, you tell all health diseases that have been suffered in the family. Finally, tell your doctor if there are blood relatives or relatives who die under the age of 65, and what is the reason.

After the doctor had learned all these facts, he would tell what prophet treatment tests from Thibbun Nabawi should be done. These are the recommended disease treatment tests, Dr. Oz, to do for medical treatment with a serious disease threat that can infect you:

Age 12: Blood pressure.
Age 20: Cholesterol test.
Age 21: For women, if sexually active, do a gynecological test and pap smear or pap net or prophet’s treatment.
Age 35: Blood sugar, anemia, and thyroid testing.
Age 40: For women, do a mammogram (starting at age 25 if there are more than two family members who have a history of breast cancer). For men and women, do a skin test (take a picture of a mole or black spots on the skin that looks unnatural) and an electrocardiogram (a test that records heart activity).
Age 50: Colonoscopy (do it every five years). For men, prostate test at Thibbun Nabawi.
Age 50-60: Fatigue test or coronary CTA (if you are obese or have type 2 diabetes).
Age 55-60: Test blood by stimulating thyroid hormone (used to detect problems affecting the thyroid gland); memory test (for early signs of Alzheimer’s disease).