Tips for Overcoming Scaly Skin

Psoriasis interferes with appearance because it looks like red and scaly patches, but not too itchy. The scales are quite thick and sometimes fall out on their own, “said Dr. Budiastuti Kusharjuni SpKK, Siloam Hospital Surabaya (SHS) skin, and sex specialist. When scratched, the spots become like scraped wax. Therefore, the typical symptoms of psoriasis are referred to as wax spots.

Usually, psoriasis appears in places such as the knee, elbow, the border between the outer boundaries of the hair and face. “Most often these spots appear in places that are often depressed,” said Budiastuti. However, psoriasis can also attack the nails. “If on the nails, white spots appear, then the borders of the skin of the fingers and nails will swell. As well, the upper nails are slightly raised or stung, “he continued.
These skin diseases are chronic and easily recur. The cause is unknown. However, it is thought to be classified as an autoimmune disease related to infection. “It could be an infection in the lungs, teeth, and various other infections. As a result of the infection, the body’s immune system will be disrupted, “explained the veiled doctor. Because of the disruption, the turn of the dead skin with a new one that usually occurs every 27 days becomes faster — namely, 3 to 4 days.
That’s why psoriasis can affect anyone. It doesn’t matter whether the person keeps his body clean or not. “Almost every day I find this case. The sufferers vary. Some children are still 7 years old, teenagers, and adults, “said the alumnus of the 1978 FK Unair. Budiastuti stressed that psoriasis is not a genetic disease. So, people living with psoriasis will not reduce the disease to their children.
• Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa {Scheff} Boerl)
Cut 3 (three) new god crowns, and the seeds are removed, then thinly sliced ​​and dried in the sun to dry (if you buy at the drug store in dry form, about 15 slices). Boil this simplicia including one liter of water over high heat. After boiling, reduce the heat and boil until a quarter of the water remains. After cold, strain and drink the water twice a day, each half. If symptoms of poisoning occur, reduce the dose or stop using.
Healthy tips
Omega-3 fatty acids: useful for treating chronic inflammatory conditions. Foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including salmon, sardines, mackerel. Also, consume flaxseed or evening primrose oil supplements.
Antioxidants: multiply the consumption of foods that have antioxidant properties, namely foods that contain lots of vitamin C, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E, and minerals (zinc, magnesium, and selenium).