Tips for Maintaining Breast Health

Maintaining and maintaining breast health is important to know for women so that breast cancer does not need to be a frightening specter.
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that causes death in women because it is the responsibility of every woman to realize everything about breast health.

Here are some tips for maintaining breast health by eating the right foods as a way to decrease the risk of growing these cancers:
Japan is one of the countries with low breast cancer growth rates. This is related to eating patterns that are used to consuming seaweed. Seaweed proved to have health benefits where according to a Harvard School of Public Health study found that mice fed kelp (one type of seaweed) had lower breast cancer than mice that did not eat kelp. Therefore, try consuming seaweed like kelp or nori or green algae such as spirulina and chlorella (3 grams) every day.
Reduce fatty foods
A diet high in animal fat can increase the danger of breast cancer. According to specialists, a diet rich in fat can create chemicals in the intestine which when associated with bacteria will turn it into estrogen as a cause of cancer. Estrogen is then stored in breast fat tissue, making cells in this area more likely to grow into cancer. By limiting daily fat consumption to about 20 percent of all calorie consumption, you mean it has reduced the chances of breast cancer growth.
Increase fiber consumption
Consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential to prevent breast cancer. The fiber contained in foods such as beans, all types of wheat, fruits, and vegetables can affect estrogen metabolism in the body and reduce estrogen in the blood.
Eat lots of vegetables
Eat lots of vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, green vegetables like kale and spinach, cauliflower and Chinese radish are good for breast health because they contain sulfur components called indoles. Indoles helps reduce estrogen from the body and prevents it from growing into breast cancer. Only this type of vegetable is known to change estrogen in the body and stop it from breast cancer.
Research addresses eating at least three servings of sea fish every week such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines can help limit breast cancer. Omega 3 oil which is usually found in these fish can help strengthen the immune system and block the influence of cancer-causing tumors. Perhaps the best opinion about this is a discovery in North America where Eskimo women who ate Omega 3 oil from fish did not have breast cancer at all.
Soy products
Some scientists believe eating soy products can protect against hormones that cause tumors. Soybeans and other soy products contain genistein, a natural estrogen that ties to receptors in the breast so that cancer is not possible. But not all soy products have the same benefits as tofu, miso, and tempeh. Soy milk contains a little genistein but contains artificial preservatives.
Exercise regularly
Research where women do aerobic exercise for 3.8 hours or more per week is less likely to have breast cancer than those who have never exercised at all. Including those who survive in 5 to 6 kilos of ideal body weight is a way to prevent breast cancer because obesity correlates with the risk of breast cancer. Excess fat in the body produces estrogen which is then stored in breast tissue which triggers the growth of cancer cells.