Snack as a Stress Remedy

Not a few of us see people around us being stressed, can be due to financial problems, family, or love. Well, that’s probably the phenomenon of life in big cities that are full of various complex issues. Moreover, the impact of stress itself cannot be underestimated because stress is hazardous for the health of our body & soul.

Now, what is the solution? If we remember the saying of the Preventing Puskesmas mother is better than cure right? From the health information that I can find stress can be prevented or the term is minimized just by consuming foods or anti-stress snacks, and the good news is that anti-stress foods or snacks are foods that are classified as good food (in my opinion). Okay, friends without stretching anymore, let’s peel any food/snacks that can prevent stress.

Grilled chicken or roast beef
At first, I really didn’t think it turned out that grilled chicken which my friends and I usually lined up for together liliwetan provided good protein. Two hundred grams of this meat protein will help our brain make dopamine and norepinephrine, natural chemicals in the brain that will keep us alert, says Om Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., author of The Serotonin Power Diet. While meat contains fat, it also contains B vitamins, iron and zinc which are very rich, so it is good for those who are stressed.

Almond nut
This one delicious bean that likes to be in chocolate turns out to have extraordinary anti-stress properties. Equipped with vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc, almonds are delicious. Vitamin B and magnesium help calm and control our mood. Zinc is effective against stress, and vitamin E is rich in antioxidants which can destroy stress-free radicals while fighting heart disease. Just consume one handful per day because if it’s excess, the fat content can make growth to the side aka fat, hehe.

Why choose Popcorn snacks? Typical cinema snacks are good for stress prevention because carbohydrates in popcorn will make our bodies release serotonin, a chemical compound in the brain that will make us feel relaxed. “But make sure that the popcorn we enjoy is low or even fat-free because the existing fat will slow down the serotonin release process, so that it will last longer in our bodies, and of course will make us more relaxed,” said Ms. Elizabeth Somer, R.D.

For those who like Japanese food, they can enjoy themselves. The benefits of sushi are many. Seaweed which is often a mixture of ingredients turned out to have fish-like properties that are also present in sushi mixes. Pantothenic acid contained in it is essential for the adrenal gland that plays an essential role in the management of body stress. Lack of pantothenic acid can cause infection, fatigue and excessive anxiety. It’s also scary if the consequences are like that

This is food that can be a favorite of many of us. Chocolate will help us lift our mood! Chocolate is filled with anadamine, and phenylethylamine, which helps nerve work and will make you feel calmer and feel happier! just try it.

Pineapple and berry
Confused by most anti-stress food/snack choices? Take it easy; there are others. Antioxidants derived from fruits or vegetables with bright colors are stronger to help fight free radicals that make our memory stick tightly. If said Mrs. Elizabeth Somer, RD once said: “Because our brain absorbs a lot of oxygen, antioxidants will help reduce brain damage because the oxidant is there,.” Moreover, when you are confused, don’t you have to think clearly with your brain?

Almost all types of fish contain complete B vitamins, especially B6 and B12 which are the most important for stress relief. Well further, it turns out that vitamin B12 is the essential vitamin in creating pleasure substances produced by the brain. Therefore the lack of vitamin B12 can cause depression. Try tuna for lunch or dinner. Besides, foods that are rich in omega 3, such as salmon, can protect us from heart disease. moreover, Research conducted by Diabetes & Metabolism found that omega 3 can inhibit the growth of the hormone cortisol which causes stress and increased blood pressure. Isn’t this fish great? Is it better to create it Is that okay?

Green vegetable
Broccoli, kale. Spinach, waluh, or vegetables that are often cooked by our mothers and other dark green vegetables are vegetables that are very useful to reduce stress because the abundant content of vitamins can refill the body’s energy is drained when our minds are depressed.

Wheat bread
Bread, white rice or cakes can be filling, but after that, we can get sleepy and can even become fat if most. However, actually wheat has other effects, which can fill while controlling stress for a long time.

Now, this is the drink that is always a subscription between us every morning. However, before consuming, look for the type of milk that best suits our needs. In essence, these drinks have antioxidants that destroy stress-free free radicals. Can be consumed morning or evening before bed.
Okay, friend, that is a variety of foods/snacks that can prevent us from stressing out our daily routine. Maybe some of us have applied these foods/snacks every day. However, how about that yet? There is no other word if we want to prove it by trying it out
good luck