Sleep Position During Pregnancy

In the early trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women can sleep and rest with an important position that can provide comfort for the mother.

Sleep Position During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not need to worry about the baby in the womb you feel uncomfortable or dangerous, because the mother’s body is created so unique that it can provide protection, also the fetus in the womb you never feel uncomfortable because the fetus in the womb floats in the amniotic fluid and has its own space to move freely.

Sleeping on his stomach, safe for pregnant women, but usually in the first trimester of pregnancy, breast enlargement and more sensitive breasts will cause discomfort to sleep on his stomach, and at the time when your stomach has started to enlarge (early 14 weeks) sleeping on his stomach it becomes very uncomfortable because you have to support your thighs with pillows to be able to rest on your stomach because your stomach starts to grow. From a survey of pregnant women who sleep on their stomach before 16 weeks 1% but after more than 16 weeks to 0%.

Sleeping on your back, recommended after pregnancy 16 weeks pregnant women not to sleep on their backs, because by sleeping on your back you put the entire weight of the uterus into the back, intestine and inferior vena cava. Sleeping on your back can also increase the risk of back pain, hemorrhoids, and indigestion, and interfere with breathing and circulation. Sleeping position on your back in the second and third trimesters can also affect blood pressure. For some women, making a decrease in blood pressure which makes them feel dizzy, for others, instead increases blood stress. In the case of pregnancy with high blood pressure sleeping on a supine position is NOT recommended.

What is the best sleeping position actually?
There is no further research on sleeping positions that are safe for pregnant women, but it is highly recommended that after 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is better for pregnant women to sleep on their side to the left, because this position benefits your baby to get maximum blood flow and nutrition to placenta because of the large vein (inferior vena cava) in the right rear part of the spina that returns blood from the lower body to the heart. It can also help the kidneys remove waste products and fluids from the mother’s body, reducing swelling in the legs, arms, and legs.

Sleeping on the side to the kanang, also good, you can change the position to the right side to make you sleep more comfortably.

If you wake up late and find you are sleeping on your back, don’t worry, you don’t do anything to harm your baby. Just return it to the sloping position. Moreover, in advanced pregnancy, where the stomach has enlarged, accompanied by other conditions such as cramps, frequent urination, false contractions, your baby kicking the stomach, increased stomach acid taste which will cause the mother to wake up several times at night so the mother will definitely change sleeping position several times therefore and automatically does not sleep next on his back.

Tip: To sleep with a more comfortable sloping position, put a pillow between your knee and one on your back. Or you can buy a special pillow for pregnant women.