Sentenced to Cancer? Keep Being Positive!

When someone was told that he had cancer, a number of questions arose in his mind: “Will I die soon ?,” How are my children going to be? “,” What about the medical expenses? ”

According to Sali Rahadi Asih, MPsi, from the psychology consultancy institution Daya Insani, the reactions that arise after hearing a cancer verdict from a doctor are normal. “Some people respond positively, like feeling this is a rebuke from God, but not a few who are desperate, sad, or afraid. These are all natural things, “he explained.

Added by Sali, the reaction that arises is a result of the unexpected situation we face. “Anyone won’t expect to get cancer,” he said.

This situation requires adjustment from the patient. For example, there are lifestyle changes, conduct a series of health checks, to need the discipline to take medication.

If we are diagnosed with cancer, of course, this can change lives. Not only will everyday life change, relationships with other people, and even a view of life will be affected. However, this impact does not have to be negative.

According to Sali, with a positive attitude of life, cancer patients can be motivated to continue to enjoy life. The positive attitude of life in question includes being grateful for everything, having goals, planning to achieve goals, and being confident and able to defeat cancer.

Don’t be discouraged if at first, you find it very difficult to do all these “theories.” Most importantly, if you encounter a problem, try to open yourself to other people. The way patients respond to cancer verdicts also varies. Some actually became eager to find out about the disease. “They are curious about what is happening in their bodies,” Sali said.

In general, patients try to get closer to God to get peace of mind. Most also try to spend more time with family. “Patients also should have smooth communication with the people closest to them. Meeting with support groups (fellow sufferers) is also very helpful for sharing and supporting so that emotional support is fulfilled, “said Sali. Thus, living with cancer is not only possible but can also be lived in full.