Risk of Physical and Mental Abortion

Abortion has a high risk for a woman’s health and safety. It is not correct to say that if a person has an abortion he “feels nothing and can immediately go home.” This is very misleading information for every woman, especially those who are confused because they do not want a pregnancy that has already occurred.

There are 2 kinds of health risks to women who have an abortion:
1. Physical health and safety risks
2. Risk of psychological disorders
Physical health and safety risks
At the time of abortion and after having an abortion several risks will be faced by a woman, as explained in the book “Facts of Life” written by Brian Clowes, Ph.D., namely:
1. Sudden death due to heavy bleeding
2. Sudden death due to failed anesthesia
3. Slow death due to severe infections around the womb
4. A torn uterus (Uterine Perforation)
5. Cervical Lacerations which will cause defects in the next child
6. Breast cancer (due to an imbalance of the female hormone estrogen)
7. Ovarian Cancer
8. Cervical Cancer
9. Liver Cancer (Liver Cancer)
10. Abnormalities in the placenta / placenta (Placenta Previa) which will cause disability
in the next child and severe bleeding during the next pregnancy
11. Being sterile / unable to have offspring again (Ectopic Pregnancy)
12. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
13. Infection of the uterine lining (Endometriosis)
Mental health risk
The abortion process is not only a process that has a high chance in terms of the health and safety of a woman physically but also has a powerful impact on a woman’s mental state.
This phenomenon is known in the world of psychology as “Post-Abortion Syndrome” (Post-Abortion Syndrome) or PAS. These symptoms are recorded in “Psychological Reactions Reported After Abortion” in the publication of The Post-Abortion Review (1994).
Basically, a woman who has an abortion will experience things like the following:
1. Loss of self-esteem (82%)
2. Hysterical screaming (51%)
3. Multiple nightmares about babies (63%)
4. Want to commit suicide (28%)
5. Start trying to use illegal drugs (41%)
6. Can not enjoy sexual relations anymore (59%)
Apart from the above, women who have an abortion will be filled with feelings of guilt that have not disappeared for years in their lives.
However, abortion can still be considered if done for reasons of health from the mother/baby. Make sure you consult with health professionals right before you decide to have an abortion to ensure your health and readiness!