Regarding Pregnancy Test Equipment

This article is loaded in connection with a friend of mine asking this. I haven’t heard this question for a long time now. Previously, as we know, pregnancy test kits (test packs) are one of the things awaited by prospective mothers who are waiting for potential babies who are coming soon to enliven the house, especially for those who are the first time to experience a period called pregnancy.

The result of a positive pregnancy test (test pack) is a sign that someone is declared pregnant, so choosing a good pregnancy test (test pack) and how to use the correct pregnancy test can help you to detect early pregnancy and undoubtedly useful for fetal safety.
Pregnancy test/test pack
This test pack is one of the many PRACTICAL and more personal pregnancy test kits because you don’t have to bother going to the laboratory to check for pregnancy. The tool commonly called the home pregnancy test (or test pack) is often found in stores, supermarkets, or pharmacies at various prices. Quickly, we as women can directly test the pregnancy itself and find out whether the baby will be present or not through the results of the test pack.
Form a pregnancy test/test pack
The form of a pregnancy test (test pack) is of two kinds, namely strip and compact. The difference is that the strip form must be dipped in urine that has been collected or touched in the urine when urinating. For a compact, there is a place to hold urine that will be dropped.
If you have touched a pregnancy test kit (test pack) with urine, the results will appear as a red line. The appearance of one or two lines suggests that the test pack is done correctly because the test pack gets enough urine. Conversely, if a red line does not appear, it can be caused by the negligence of the user. Therefore it is essential for someone who is first using a pregnancy test kit (test pack) to follow the instructions for use.
When the first line appears, the appearance of the second line says someone is said to be pregnant. Pregnancy test kits (test packs) that accurately detect the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is a hormone produced by the placenta that forms after fertilization.
When to do a pregnancy test?
When to do a pregnancy test? In general, you can use a pregnancy test kit (test pack) two days before your period, or 12 days after sex in the fertile period. This is done to make sure the pregnancy test kit (test pack) gives the correct results. For information, a personal pregnancy test (test pack) has a very high level of accuracy, which is between 99.9% (with a note if done with the correct procedure).
Does the amount of hCG determine the sensitivity and early detection of pregnancy?
The answer is YES because the smaller the level of sensitivity (HCG / ml urine), the sign that someone is pregnant can be known more quickly and earlier to immediately proceed to further treatment, for example, reducing extreme activity to maintain pregnancy.
Currently, pregnancy test products (test packs) available on the market offer various levels of sensitivity. A good pregnancy test (test pack) is that it has a small/small level of hCG / ml of urine.
How to choose a good pregnancy test (test pack)
From the information above, it can be concluded how to select a good pregnancy test (test pack) as follows:
• When buying a pregnancy test/test pack, check the expiration date. Just like food, do not buy what has expired because the results will not be useful when used.
• Use only FDA-approved pregnancy test kits. You can check the FDA’s online database to find out which they regulate brands. Ask your pharmacist about this.
• The smaller the level of hCG needed by the tool the higher the level of sensitivity/accuracy of the pregnancy test kit (test pack).
• Choose a pregnancy test kit (test pack) that is practical for example accompanied by a urine storage cup.
Tips for using the correct pregnancy test (test pack)
In order not to make the wrong time using this pregnancy test kit, it’s okay if you do it right.
Here are a few tips on using the correct pregnancy test (test pack) in general:
• For those who have never used it, read the information and usage instructions in the box carefully.
• We recommend that you do not drink excessive water when you are going to use a test pack, because urine that is too liquid can affect the results of the test pack.
• Test the morning after waking up, because the highest levels of hCG are in the urine.
• After touching urine into the test pack, let it sit for 1 minute. After that, lines will appear on the test pack as a sign of pregnancy or not.
• If you get a positive sign, visit the obstetrician to ensure that you are pregnant and get his advice, because correct care from an early age is very important for prospective children and prospective mothers.
• If the results are negative, try again for some time (recommended 3 weeks to 1 month).
• If it turns out the results remain negative and you have not been able to get menses, immediately check with the obstetrician.