Regarding False Pregnancy / Pseudocyesis

Often when a mother is really hoping to get the baby will feel she is pregnant. Dizziness, nausea, and fatigue that quickly perched on, made him convinced that there was already a baby in his womb, moreover, his menstruation had not arrived.

But what happens if it turns out to be fake? Fake pregnancy or Pseudocyesis (derived from Greek where pseudes = false and kyesis = pregnancy) is a condition where a woman feels pregnant, but actually, she is not pregnant. In this situation, a woman will feel common symptoms similar to those of pregnant women. For example, no menstruation, the stomach gets bigger, nausea, dizziness and enlarged breasts. However, if you are medically examined, for example, a urine test, it will be known that you are not pregnant. Three things are not found in a palus pregnancy: the fetal heart rate is not heard, the ultrasound does not show a baby, and the latter is not going to give birth to a baby. biggrinbiggrinbiggrin The frequency is very rare, namely 1-6 per 22,000 deliveries.
The most famous event for the example of false pregnancy is Marie Tudor, Henry’s VII daughter and Wife from Louis XII. Is a famous case of fake pregnancy in history. This happened because Marie Tudor really wanted to have children to save the face of her father who decapitated all of his concubines who could not have children.
The cause is thought to be a psychological disorder, where a woman has a strong desire to get pregnant, translating small changes in her as a pregnancy. Amazingly the pregnancy test can be positive (false positive = false positive). Milk can also come out. Both occur through the hypothalamus-hypophysis pathway. Stomach enlarges due to fat buildup in the stomach wall. Movement of gas in the stomach is thought to be a baby’s movement. Because the physical condition is normal, there is no need for medicines unless you want to provoke the menstruation to reappear. Treatment is only done counseling with a psychotherapist.
This is because pseudocyesis can trigger glands in the brain to produce pregnancy hormones, oxytocin. Although research on this issue is still very little, a number of medical experts believe, acute pseudocyesis can increase the hormone estrogen and prolactin which can affect physical changes as if a pregnant woman such as a bulging stomach, and hardened breasts due to the increased hormone.
Women who are at risk for developing this disorder:
1. Women who have not had children at the age of 30 or early 40 years.
2. Women with unstable emotional conditions, especially those associated with pregnancy.
3. Women with a history of abortion or previous fetal death.
What’s interesting about this fake pregnancy can also be experienced by men (sufferers of Couvade syndrome / sympathetic pregnancy), usually occurs in husbands who are very close to his wife and have excessive sympathy so that they experience the same signs as pregnancy: morning sickness, emotions that erratic, NGIDAM, digestive disorders, changes in appetite, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, toothache, addiction, nausea, breast enlargement, nipple hardening and insomnia. In some extreme cases, dad can grow a stomach similar to a 7-month pregnant woman.