Reduce Salt Consumption Now

At the 49th annual American Heart Association conference on the topic of Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease held in Palm Harbor, Florida on 10-14 March 2009 it was stated that every gram of salt reduced in food every day for every American would reduce 250,000 cases of diseased heart, and reduced more than 200,000 deaths over 10 years. To estimate the benefits of reducing salt intake, researchers used a computer simulation model of heart disease in the population of adult Americans.

The researchers used a model to estimate the effect of reducing daily salt intake by 0-6 grams in the event of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular deaths in 2010-19. In that period it was predicted that more than 800,000 lives could be saved for every gram of salt reduced.

Peeliti found that reducing salt consumption by 3gram / day (1,200 mg sodium) would reduce the incidence of heart disease by 6%, heart attack decreased by 8%, and death from heart disease reduced by 3%. Even in Africa Americans who suffer from high blood pressure and blood pressure more sensitive to salt, a decrease in heart disease will decrease by 10%, heart attack by 13%, and death from heart disease by 6%.

Today Americans consume 9-12 g of the salt/day (3,600-4,800 mg sodium) which is higher than the recommended amount of 5-6 g / day or 200-2400 mg sodium. FAN