Questions and Myths About Breasts

Breast is a valuable asset of a woman. However, it is often considered as a body part that cannot be talked about. So, many do not know what to do with breast health.

Pamela Lee Anderson is often the subject of conversation because of the size of her breasts, which according to many men is very fantastic. Not a few women participate in changing the size of his own to be just as beautiful. Even though talking about breasts, the actual size is not essential. What’s important is the care and attention. And not only to look beautiful but to be healthier.

Is it normal if the breast size is not the same?
Basically, there is no exact same breast size, usually one of the bigger ones. However, if the difference in size is very large, indeed it feels uncomfortable. This difference in size can be overcome by cosmetic surgery.

Is it normal to grow hair on the nipple and can it be removed?
The presence of hair follicles around the nipple is normal. And usually appears during puberty. The hair may be removed, but what needs to be considered is the open wounds and hair marks that are left behind. Don’t forget to clean it , so it doesn’t cause problems.

Can the inverted nipple be tried to be normal again?
Some nipples have entered inside from the beginning. This variation usually occurs during the formation process. If the entry is not too deep, when it comes time for breastfeeding can be pulled out because of the pressure of the developing mammary glands. If it’s really once, then the difficulty will arise when you have to breastfeed. The problem is, if the nipples were originally fine then suddenly went inside. This is a sign of cancer.

Should the breast be cleaned regularly? How to?
The nipple has a skin curve on its surface. This curve keeps the dirt from sweat, dust and dead skin. Also because they always wear a bra, they tend to be moist. Clean with cotton or look for antiseptic or alcohol. Do not rub because it can cause pain.

What Causes Breast Disease?
The breast component is fat tissue and mammary glands. If there is much fat tissue, the shape will automatically drop. With increasing age, changes occur in the breast. At the age of 20-30 years, the breasts are dominated by mammary glands, so the shape is very dense. While above the age of 30, the mammary gland changes into fat tissue. So naturally, over the age of 35 years, the composition of the breast is more fat tissue compared to the mammary gland. Exercise plays a vital role in forming the chest wall muscle, and if this muscle is tight, it will automatically pull the breast up.

Does breast size depend on the offspring?
A person’s body shape depends on his parents. Usually a mixture of father and mother. So it is possible that if the mother has large breasts, then her child will have a similar posture.

Myths About Breasts
Breast skin is very sensitive
Breast skin is the same as other parts of the body skin. The sensitive part is the nipple because in this part there are nerve endings. As long as you are not allergic, you can apply moisturizers or lotions, even tanning lotions.

Large breasted women are more susceptible to breast cancer
There is no scientific evidence about this. Because cancer is usually associated with the mammary gland, while the size is related to fat tissue that is in the breast.

If you have small breasts, it will be difficult to breastfeed
Size has nothing to do with the ability to produce milk. Because small breasts usually have the same mammary glands as large ones.

Sports without a bra will damage the breast
Damage does not, but may cause pain or discomfort. Because the breast position hangs on the body, and if given a movement can cause trouble. For large breasts, it is recommended to wear a support bra to avoid back pain.