Pulling out the nose hair, can trigger brain inflammation

Do YOU like to pull out the nose hair? We recommend that you stop the habit. Because, this habit has the potential to cause sores on the roots of the nose hair, which can become ulcers.

“If there are boils inside the nose, it feels throbbing. The pain can make people unable to sleep well, “said Dr. Roestiniadi Djoko Soemantri SpTHT KL.

Specialists for ear, nose, throat, and head of RSU Dr. Soetomo added that boils inside the nose could not heal themselves. Don’t try to treat the boil yourself. Patients are advised to see a doctor immediately. “Usually, doctors will give antibiotics,” he explained.

The doctor who is familiarly called Yusi explained antibiotics are needed to prevent patients from experiencing brain inflammation. Because in the area above the lips there are blood vessels that directly lead to the brain.

“Wounds in the area allow bacteria or other germs to enter the body and attack the brain,” he said. For the same reason, the Head of the Outpatient Installation (IRJ) RSU Dr. Soetomo suggested not tampering with zits in the area above the lips.

Then, what if the nose hair is long? Yusi suggested that it be left alone. However, if it is felt bothersome, you can tidy up. But, with scissors, not revoked.

“The scissors are also special, small scissors. Also, do not let the nose hair cut into the nose, “he added.

Nose hair, he said, serves as a filter for small particles that are sucked. The usefulness of nose hair feels when we are in a very dusty room. Usually, the body immediately responds to the presence of small particles that are sucked by the nose by sneezing. “Imagine, if there is no nose hair, these particles will enter the airway. It’s dangerous, “he said.