Preparing Physical Health Before Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period that lasts nine months, the body experiences several physical changes related to various body systems, such as the muscle and bone system and the heart and respiratory system. Over the past few decades, studies have shown that couples have better-understood body changes during pregnancy and knowledge in early pregnancy.

Now much can be done to optimize the physical condition of the couple when planning a pregnancy, for example, a light exercise that is safe to maintain health before and after pregnancy.

Medical researchers have discovered the importance of maintaining the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and spine and pelvic joints. Exercises in the pelvic floor muscles increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles which will help support the spine and pelvis, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. Pelvic floor health can also improve the quality of sexual activity and reduce the risk of urinary tract disorders after childbirth.

Exercises that function to strengthen the stability of the body’s core can help maintain a healthy spine. Having good body strength can improve personal balance and stability and minimize the risk of spinal trauma or fall during pregnancy.

Having a healthy heart can also help overcome some physical symptoms during pregnancy. This helps to increase or maintain a woman’s energy levels and helps them overcome the increase in psychological conditions that can occur during pregnancy and speed up the recovery process after childbirth. The ability to control breathing will also help you deal with pain.