Petting, Pregnant or Not?

What is pregnant or not? The question came from a friend, someone had come to be a friend and long been a friend. He came with a little conflict about his relationship with a woman who had become his lover. The classic problem is about the relationship of young people today, even though I myself am not old enough. He asked about the consequences of the actions he had done together with his lover. With the lack of information about sex he knew, he had dared to have intercourse and even worse he was still afraid to account for his actions.

The anxiety increases, but it happens when something happens that really happens. The intention of “petting” but he did not fully understand what he was doing.

Actually petting itself or foreplay is done as a warm-up when actual sex (penetration) will be done. This is very useful for women because it will provide arousal stimulation and prepare their genital organs (vaginal elasticity) to continue at the stage of penetration.

The big mistake commonly made by teenagers at this time is the misappropriation of petting as one of the stages in establishing a relationship. Even though the petting itself usually continues on the penetration, which of course depends on each. I mean here is when you do petting and get the pleasure you will be complacent and forget so that with a small mistake will lead to penetration.

Back to my friend who tried petting. The same mistake was made by my best friend, intending to only petting but ended up in a mild penetration (not all entered). The feeling of pleasure will certainly tempt my friends or even those of you who do petting so that it encourages you to do the next stage which is penetration. The end of the penetration itself is ejaculation which can result in fertilization in the female ovary, and imagine if it happened. Of course, I will soon become the uncle of my best friend’s child. Less sex education and excessive curiosity based on the word “love” pushes people to unfounded black holes (addiction).

Today there are many in print and television media, there are cases related to rape, pregnancy out of wedlock, and most tragically is the act of abortion. Actually, abortion is not one way in which we will sacrifice prospective children that we have made ourselves with actions that we already know the risks. Excessive love and affection and lust for mastering will undoubtedly cause us to become dark in the eyes and willing to sacrifice purity (for women). Here the role of parents is certainly able to prevent this, with early sex education will certainly reduce the misunderstanding of sex itself.

In Indonesia, sex is something that is still taboo, but the development of teenagers in this friendly country is already Over. The magnitude of sex crimes and the activities of increasingly uncontrolled teenagers certainly make anxious most parents, but they still feel taboo to explain healthy and controlled sex from an early age. On the other hand, the school which is formal education outside of school itself is minimal in providing lessons on sex, but some parties who care about this hold many seminars on sex education from an early age to reduce the spread of infectious sex diseases such as AIDS.

I am one of those people who agree about sex education early on. Why, because sex itself is not a wrong action (outside the religious context) as long as it is done in the right way and if done by save and healthy. So what happened to one of my best friends above certainly provides a lesson for other teenagers who want to know about sex, you should ask sex for people who understand better not by trying it. Because the consequences can be dangerous and of course not only you alone bear the risk.