Myths About Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills make me FAT and bleeding

Estrogen can cause fluid and salt retention that can trigger weight gain while progesterone can increase appetite. But with low-dose modern birth control pills, this effect is rare.
Weight gain occurs because patients feel safe that is protected from pregnancy so that the diet changes (increased appetite) or because of heredity.
Bleeding can occur if the patient is forgotten to take the pill for more than 12 hours because of the decrease in hormone levels in the body which is interpreted by the body as a sign that you have menstruation (remember that during menstruation birth control pills do not occur)
Birth control pills make the uterus dry and after stopping drinking I will have difficulty having children
There is no need to worry that the use of birth control pills will make it difficult to have children, or cause the uterus to dry because birth control pills are one of the most reversible methods meaning fertility returns immediately when use is stopped. Even birth control pills can reduce the risk of primary infertility by up to 40%.

Birth control pills tend to cause cancer
Until now, the cause of cancer is not yet known. However, based on retrospective studies, the risk of developing cancer for women who don’t use oral contraception is higher than women who use oral contraception.

Birth control pills are difficult to rely on because they have to be taken every day and I quickly forget
The reliability of birth control pills is the highest among all contraceptive methods except sterilization. Failure only occurs in 1 person among 1000 women during one year of use which means having PI = 0.13 and usually caused by vomiting or forgetting to take pills.

To get it easier for you to remember and make this a habit, by packing a calendar from birth control pills equipped with the name of the day, only one day you need to remember is the first day you start taking birth control pills, and choose the same pill every day (for example : after dinner, before brushing your teeth at night or before going to bed).

Birth control pills are not suitable for unmarried women
Hormonal imbalance can occur in young unmarried women, among others: irregular menstrual cycles, pain to cramps before menstruation, oily skin and even acne, or abnormal hair growth patterns in women / male hair pattern. Therefore therapy is needed by administering pills that contain hormones, namely birth control pills.

Birth control pills trigger acne, making the appearance unattractive
Acne that often arises from the use of birth control pills is usually caused by the progesterone element. But in modern birth control pills, this problem is usually rather rare. There are a modern combination of birth control pills (OC) that also work to make your skin disinfectant, smoother and more beautiful.