Music Therapy for Tinnitus Patients

The buzzing ears, called tinnitus, is a condition where the sufferer feels hearing noise or buzzing in the ears and head. Patients generally think that the sound comes from outside, even though the sound is in the ear.

Tinnitus complaints can occur in one ear or both. This condition can make the sufferer’s hearing decrease, or even disappear. It is considered that one to three percent of the population experiences this condition.

Experts from Germany have recently introduced music therapy which is claimed to be able to reduce the noise captured by the ears of tinnitus sufferers. By using a specially designed melody so that it matches the frequency of the sound in the ear, tinnitus sufferers are asked to listen to this musical melody.

After a year of undergoing this therapy, the participants claimed that the noise or hum that had disturbed them began to diminish. As written in the report of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers say that even though experts have not yet known what caused tinnitus, it is known that there is a part on the brain that functions to process damaged sound.

With this music therapy, the spectrum of noise that is often heard by people with tinnitus can be reduced, so that brain activity in the specific part of capturing the sound is also reduced. Besides being fun, music therapy is also low cost with a high level of effectiveness.