Making love is healthy for the soul and body

According to some experts, having sex regularly has a tremendous influence on health, making love is like exercise. So, many of the benefits that we can take when we make love also have a good influence on the body and soul.

Making love makes you healthy, because:
1. Streamlining breathing circulation
Making love at night can increase the amount of oxygen in cells, helping to maintain the function of organs so that the body’s metabolism can run smoothly.
2. Is a form of physical exercise
By making love three times a week can burn 7,500 calories a year, or the equivalent of jogging within 75 miles.
3. Strengthen bones and muscles
Any physical exercise will help increase testosterone. Testosterone is believed to help keep men’s bones and muscles strong.
4. Reducing pain
Sex can reduce the level of gout, tension in the neck, and headaches. The hormone released when achieving sexual satisfaction and orgasm can move pain.
5. Reducing cholesterol levels
Making love regularly can help reduce or lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body.
6. Tech needs to take supplements
When you make love, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a popular hormone supplement, is released by the body naturally. Before experiencing orgasm and ejaculation, DHEA is set at levels 3-5 higher than usual.
7. Protect the prostate gland
Research shows prostate problems occur and get worse because of the presence of fluid produced in the gland. Regular ejaculation will help cleanse the liquid.
8. Relieve stress
Making love is also very effective in reducing stress levels. Even with intimate relationships you can get cheap entertainment and become a great way to release tension, physical and emotional, form closeness, and release endorphins (hormones that can reduce pain and emotional disturbances).
9. Strengthens love
An intimate touch of affection can increase the release of body chemicals, oxytocin or proximity hormones. Oxytocin is a substance that develops sexual desire that is released under the brain glands. The regular release of oxytocin can help increase the frequency of lovemaking.
10. Natural hormones
Making love regularly can improve the estrogen gland, protect the heart, and maintain the inside of the vagina to remain flexible.
11. Making it youthful
People who have sex three times a week look four to seven years younger. This is because sex is a form of aerobic exercise that provides skin rejuvenation. Sex is done passionately, meaning that there will be much oxygen pumped around the body under the blood and nutrients on the surface of your skin.
12. Improve Mood
When a woman reaches orgasm, they secrete a sex hormone called oxytocin which is produced by the base of the brain that can evoke emotional feelings such as warmth and nurturing that help increase connection between two people.
13. Helps prevent heart disease
Sex has unique advantages for men, especially if they are over 40 years old. Because sex can help increase testosterone which can protect the heart.
14. Reducing the risk of breast cancer
Making love once a month, said sexologist, is right to do. The body will produce progesterone which is often followed by a decreased risk of breast cancer. So the love routine will keep you from the risk of cancer. However, it would be better if the frequency of husband and wife relationships is improved.
One concern that we need to remember is that we should consider making love as a means of recreation or entertainment, not to build intimate relationships forced, especially if we are in contact with our unofficial partner, it can be dangerous!