Long Life Secret

Dr. Bradley J. Willcox, on his book The Okinawa Diet Plan: Get Leaner, Live Longer and Never Feel Hungry, the Okinawa diet can overcome obesity, making it feel more healthy and youthful.

Okinawa is one of the name an island in Japan. The name of the island is so famous because it has the largest population of more than 100 years in the world. Data shows that from around 1.27 million people, there are 427 Okinawans over 100 years old! Okinawa residents also have the highest healthy expectation in the world.

Their secret to healthy, longevity and youth lies in a very typical diet and daily lifestyle. Their diet is nearly the same as yours; the difference is that they significantly limit the consumption of fat and animal protein.

The principle of eating that they adhere to is consuming the right carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This is the principle of their diet:

Vegetable and fruit
Fruits and vegetables, which contain fiber, are a mandatory menu every day. The purpose of fiber helps prevent fat accumulation, helps improve the service of the large intestine and helps the means of muscle formation.

Red is better than white
Their carbohydrate eating comes from brown rice instead of white rice. Because white rice has shared a repeated cleaning process so that the vitamin content is reduced.

All nuts
The types of beans they consume most are soybeans, both in the form of heated and processed pods, such as miso, tofu, and tofu. Miso soup with a blend of spinach and rice becomes their opening menu in the morning.

The best sea fish
They get protein and animal fats from fish. Marine fish has the advantage of containing omega 3 fatty acids which are higher in level than freshwater fish.

Drink much water
Okinawa residents consume just little alcohol. They are applied to drinking at least six glasses of water a day. A liquid is essential to support the soft metabolism and chemical effects in the body.

Green tea
Green tea is their preferred drink. The advantages of green tea are closely related to catechins and flavonols, an active component that is believed to play an primary role in obstructing cancer. From 10 grams from green tea powder (equivalent to 10 cups of tea), you will get about 1 gram of catechins. Prof. Itaro Oguni from Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu College recommends drinking 10 cups of tea every day regularly to prevent cancer.

Limiting oil
The Okinawa diet also limits eating vegetable and animal oils. The dominant type of fatty acid consumed is monounsaturated fatty acids which can be obtained from canola oil from seeds. This can prevent excessive accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides causing various diseases.

A little salt and flavoring
Executors of the Okinawa diet are advised not to over-consume salt. Suggested use of salt an average of only three teaspoons a day.

Avoid processed foods
Avoid eating fatty snacks and high levels of salt and flavoring. Instead, prefer safe snacks, such as fruit, cereal, or whole wheat bread. Wherever possible do not consume processed foods made with the addition of chemicals.

Stop before full
Eat until the stomach feels full, even to the point of causing it unable to move because it is very satiety not recommended by the Okinawa diet. Eat and drink up to 80% full. That principle causes them to have a slim, healthy, fit and youthful body.

Often and a little
They apply a regular diet but with limited portions. The diet of men is 10-13 times and women are 7-10 times every day with a dose of 150-200 cc for one meal.

Physical activity
The Okinawa diet requires that every person doing much physical activity, including cycling and walking.

Far from stress
The low level of stress is an essential factor in the high quality of health of Okinawa residents. Their lives are very peaceful and calm. Picnicking, chatting with friends and doing light, fun activities are believed to be able to avoid someone from stress. Interested in trying?