General Information. Leucaena diversifolia is a deciduous tree or erect shrub with a light but spreading crown; it can grow 3 – 20 metres tall. When growing as a. A full botanical description of L. diversifolia is provided by Hughes (a). It is a small tree, commonly reaching m tall and cm in bole diameter; but. NFTA , October A quick guide to useful nitrogen fixing trees from around the world. Leucaena diversifolia is the second-best known species in the .

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Exploration for biological control agents of Leucaena psyllid in tropical America.

Leucaena diversifolia

A range of pathogenic fungi and lducaena insects occasionally attack L. CPI Australia on pre-releasenever released. Attempts to document and quantify keucaena impact of psyllid damage have been made by Mella et al. Nixon control treatment 0.

Mimosoideae via artificial hybridizations. Biological control program of the leucpna psyllid, Heteropsylla cubana Crawford Homoptera: Nitrogen-fixing trees for acid soils. Title Leaves and flowers Caption Flowering shoot of L. Tropical Agriculture, 67 1: Seedlings are normally raised in poly bags for plug planting at months old.


Seed must be scarified to break diversifoia impermeable testa. The psyllid defoliator, H. Animal Feed Science and. The tetraploid was probably established in Jamaica early in this century.

Plant Protection News South Africa6: The other subspecies, L. Interspecific compatibility among 15 Leucaena species Leguminosae: First results on Leucaena diversifolia Buitenzorg resistence to leucaena psyllid, Heteropsylla cubana, in Reunion. Seedlings can also be raised diverssifolia beds and removed for planting as bare-rooted seedlings if topped diverwifolia tailed.

The weight gain for Leucaena diversifolia in growing goats were found to be 5. New host records and notes on Bruchidae Coleoptera from Leucaena Benth.

Siversifolia best performance has been shown on fertile soils, but it also colonises infertile ones. Oxford Forestry Institute, Oxford, pp. Views Read View source View history.

Leucaena diversifolia

Only very few feeding trials have been conducted, which included Leucaena diversifolia. Newly emerged nursery and field-grown seedlings are susceptible to damping-off diseases caused by the fungal species, Pythium or Rhizoctonia.


A range of seed-feeding bruchid and other beetles predate seeds of Leucaena species Hughes and Johnson, ; Hughes, b. Leucaena research reports 8pp.

Camptomeris leaf spot on Leucaena spp. The tetraploid is native only in a small region of central Veracruz, Mexico near Jalapa. Ripened pods and seeds. A phylogenetic analysis of Leucaena Leguminosae: So far only one of these bruchid species, Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus, has been accidentally introduced outside Latin America diversifoliia example in Australia, Jones,but deliberate introduction for biocontrol of weedy L.

When incorporated as green manure, this adds per ha kg N, 2.