A passionate, emotional, action-packed story set against the violent and volatile backdrop of 14th-century Scotland. When her family is wiped out by Clan. Set against the turbulent backdrop of fourteenth-century Scotland, ‘Lady of the Knight’ tells the breathtaking tale of a brave lass left on her own and surrounded. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Pebblesgmc – LibraryThing. Lady Of The Knight by Jackie Ivie pages When Morganna “Morgan” KilCreggar was four.

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There is nothing about this book that I didn’t like.

Jackie Ivie, Romance Author, Lady of the Knight

Ik heb de Nederlands talige uitgave gelezen: She writes to make you feel included. Aristotle FitzHugh aka Ari.

She lives as a man and was one day was kidnapped and forced into being his squire by the hero Zander FitzHugh. Now I’m all for women war Ugh, this book! D The Reveal was a bit of an anti-climax – I was expecting an accidental tge and anger and hurt, etc.

After the reveal, female Morgan’s character did seem weak compared to male Morgan. Jackie has always been the busy type, rarely sitting still without being occupied in at least one activity, and usually more.

It always annoyed me, so I loved when Zander told the Squire Morgan that he loved “him”.

That way he’ll also break off his upcoming marriage to the girl he only chose as she bares a superficial resemblance to you, because I am chickenshit and totally can’t fix this myself by just telling him he’s stolen the woman I love and who loves me back”. Although it was her job that brought her here, Jackie has grown to love this land of amazing contrasts, breathtaking vistas, and the ever-present resident, the Alaskan moose.


But what really made me want to gouge my eyes out while reading this book was the fact that the heroine had absolutely no empathy, no sympathy, couldn’t spell the word humble if it was rammed down her throat.

The heroine Morgana aka Morgan is the last living of her clan kilCregger. Her journey starts when she is forced to become the squire of a warrior pretending to be dead on the battlefield. No trivia or quizzes yet. My heart just melted. They can’t resist each other which is funny because he is straight and she is a woman in disguise.

Makes her seem dumb to me. Morgan disguises herself as a lad, and becomes deadly with all weapons. Tall and lean, she disguises herself as a lad–and hones her skills with deadly weapons. I was really enjoying this and thought it may even be a 4 star read for me until the final third thoroughly disappointed me and knocked off many stars of rating, which I am going to sort of explain in a spoilery way.

Add to Your books. Lady of the Knight is her first published work. This makes the romance completely unbelievable. After this he totally insults her by paying her with an expensive thank you gift, which makes poor Morgan believe that losing her virginity to Zander wasn’t so much an event full of love, trust and understanding as much as it was her stamping on her own pride and jeopardising her life long goals to whore herself out for the direct benefit of others.

This amaginative story is a cute romp through the scottish highlands with a Knight and his squire, who the main character can not seam to keep himself conrol around.


Yes, it is THAT good!

Lady of the Knight

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. And then we have our arrogant, cocksure, unsympathetic “killing machine” heroine Morganna, who is known as Morgan the male Squire for the vast majority jjackie the book. But There is instant connection between the two. What guy during that time is going to take his wife’s last name to show his undying love for her?!

Lady Of The Knight

SO I HAVE read all of the Brocade series somehow fhe skipped this book so i read it and boy i love highlanders and strong women who can fight for what is right. One of the major problems the biggest, in my opinion is character development and depth with both main characters.

But how can their love make it when his family destroyed hers? She just has a problem spelling. Throughout the book she collects legions of followers, both men and women adore her and want to be her lover while thinking she is a man yup, even guys want lxdy hit it.

All around great story. I love both main characters. Sparks will fly when he sees that she is a woman.

The most worthwhile theme of this book is an age old one.