Una novela que me hace pensar que la vida es una enfermedad necia, insidiosa , resistente; . In The Sickness Alberto Barrera Tyszka (“the Venezuelan Ian. La Enfermedad: Alberto Barrera Tyszka: Books – La enfermedad. Alberto Barrera Tyszka From diverse stories, moving, tender, funny and tragic, Alberto Barrera Tyszka proposes us a version of existence that.

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Folding down corners is my method for marking significant to me passages, but it clearly wasn’t working with this fiction novel because I was marking every page. It becomes an obsession far exceeding hypochondria.

Its presence immediately neutralizes all other desires abrrera from the desire for the pain to go away. The sell of Ernesto Duran, the hypochondriac, is also very questionable.

Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. A remarkable book, written in an unusual register that mixes depth with accessibility, that appeals to emotions but also to the intelligence of the reader. Muy interesante, al final morir no es una alternativa.

Jan 27, Mercedes rated it liked it. The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka.

Barreda since I finished reading this novel, I have been thinking about how I might speak about it. The Sickness raises issues such as cancer treatments, euthanasia, mental and physical illnesses, the good life, and makes us reflect on our own expectations toward these subjects.

I didn’t like the omniscient narration. What is it about? Is Tyszka trying to say that people are subject to humiliation, by oppression or illness, no matter how virtuous they are? I feel let down, not because of how the story between father and son was played out but because my hope of a thrilling, stalker based novel was nearly non-existent. He has always advocated a no-nonsense approach towards the patients and has never had any difficulties — until now, when the patient is his father and he has to tell him he only has a few weeks to live.


The Sickness

But it is also a story hyszka compassion and love as one experiences them when nothing else is left. Books by Alberto Barrera Tyszka. This takes up a good half of the book granted it’s only pages long.

Paperbackpages. Dr Miranda is a believer in telling the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is also a novel about obsession, that of others for us, and that of ourselves turned inwardly. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Miranda’s own father, dying of cancer ; Ernesto Duran another of Dr. You might argue that pages is not quite enough to tackle such a difficult subject as life, sickness and death.

Ama hayat her zaman iki saat oturup kitap okumaya izin vermiyor. And laa there’s another man who claims to be suffering bqrrera a progressive, debilitating illness, of which the doctor can detect no trace.

It was a sad tale of a son dealing with his father’s terminal cancer diagnosis while a patient barrea his, deals with his own sickness.

Instead of the above I was introduced to Dr.

The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka

However I do have praises, I loved how Alberto Barrera Tyszka adds in quotes from authors throughout showing a true literary passion. I am not sure I appreciated its full meaning as I felt enfermedav is probably another level beyond the literal story of a doctor, his dying father, his secretary and a hypochondriac. Meanwhile, a seemingly disturbed hypochondriac bombards his office with email pleas and threats.


He has a degree from the School of Literature of the University Central tyszak Venezuela, where he is also a professor. The other half is filled with both Javier and Andreas coming to terms with the cancer and inevitably death. View all 4 comments.

La novela se divide en dos: And he wants you to know it, so the book is peppered with clumsy interjections such as: Because of the health issues that permeate the novel, questions about the nature of health and wellness are explored, but in a brief, compelling way.

What do you dream about when you’re sixty-nine? A pesar de que me recuerda un poco a la escritura barfera Hotel de Payares, pienso que es una novela bien estructura aunque con fuerza mediana en su discurso.

Alberto Barrera Tyszka

Possibly something about the state of Venezuela. The medial knowledge Tyszka has shown is outstanding and adds something to the book. The Venezuelan writer endows illness with an unprecedented literary strength by considering it what it really is: He is also faced with a dilemma: Plus, I did like it more as it progressed, and I didn’t like the omniscient albdrto. Alberto Barrera Tyszka Caracas, is a poet and novelist. This is did not happen!