Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Inspires a New Generation the need to find a safe anchorage for the Endurance in the Weddell Sea. . www. On 21 February Endurance, still held fast, drifted to her most southerly latitude, 76°58′S. Thereafter she began moving. L’Aventura Antarctica: Immagini e Storia [Antarctic Adventure: Pictures and History]. () Worsley, F. A. Endurance An Epic of Polar Adventure. ().

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And with so many dogs, there were also puppies! It’s incredible to think that we are learning things now that were known about so long ago. Nuff said I think except for the almost preternatural courage and good humor with ,a the enterprise was conducted.

Our world could use more like him.

Honour and recognition in event of success. Enough has been said about the story to make any further comment redunday.

As good as this book was, I did feel it dragged at parts. The author interviewed survivors of the ill-fated expedition to Antarctica and also used some of their diaries as his source material. It’s true that there aren’t the same large physical frontiers, and it’s increasingly hard to do something that hasn’t been done before, or be the most superlative at anything in a world with billions of humans. The author interviewed many of the crew members and had firsthand accounts.

The expedition was in several parts, Shackleton’s being just one, and each had their tales of woe. Several others were severely wounded, and many received decorations for gallantry.

Retrieved 9 July Any hope of sur What an incredible adventure.

National Travel Club, The actual photographs of the Endurance stuck in the ice are worth the price of the new edition. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta. All there was to write about was ice, cold, snow, weather, food or the lack of fooddog sledding or killing dogssighting land, being unable to reach the land, sickness, pain, courage, despair, hopefulness, arrogance and bad decisions.

When the pack breaks up, they launch the lifeboats they salvaged from the Endurance and land on Elephant Island. It had been very nearly a year since they had last been antarchica contact with civilization. Stranded for over a year in the most inhospitable climate on the face of the Earthsel one tiny step away from complete disaster due to starvationextreme weather or the ice flows on which they lived deciding to crack and deposit into the freezing depths below.

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Whilst attempting to cross the Weddell Sea, the Endurance became trapped in ice. These men will endure extreme temperatures risking exposure, wind velocity – Im talking mph winds that can drive man to the brink of madnessstarvation, darkness, drowning, it just goes on.

Campbell chronicles the desperately short summers on the Antarctic Peninsula. The quest for Shackleton and his crew was perhaps the greatest quest of all; it was the fight for survival, a battle against insurmountable odds, a fight with the worst that the elements could offer — this was a voyage of the human condition at its finest, the quest to find a place of safety, the fight for life and the fight to find a way home.

Write a customer review. It’s absolutely incredible what these 27 men went through. Is it more then just we climbed the mountain because it was there? Earlier, the lifeboats had been named after the expedition’s three chief financial sponsors: In February and March the rate of drift was very slow. This towering British explorer kept a detailed journal which remains as a gripping testament to heroism and survival despite all the odds. When they finally reach their destination they won’t dock perfectly where the people are to help them either.

Book is in very good condition with minor general wear and tear and light page discolouration throughout, otherwise no other pre-loved markings.

Antarctica – New, used and rare books and ephemera at Biblio

Fale com a Editora! The crew of about 25 plus Shackleton, were basically marooned on pack ice and then a cold rock for about months. They decided with the current to anfarctica northwest until the ice finally crushed the Endurance. Supplies were now running low. This is a well written, easy to read, real life adventure story that took endurajce just as the first world war was beginning.


Thereafter she began moving with the pack in a northerly direction.


You’d almost think you were reading Updike, except the people in the story are real, and they are really trying to sail 1, miles in open sea in a 20 foot open-topped boat, and deciding whether or not it’s worth it to slide down a fog-shrouded mountaintop to be smashed against rocks or fly off the edge of a cliff. Seals and penguins feature prominently in their diet, with the occasional sea leopard.

Ebdurance could then dissipate as quickly as it began. May 30, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Little did they know, they would run into some hellish circumstances that would push them to their absolute limit. I only wanted to finish the book and move on to something more interesting.

The leader was Sir Ernest Shackleton with a crew of 27 plus a stowaway and abtarctica sledge Canadian dogs.

As his second-in-command, Shackleton chose Frank Wildwho had been with him on both the Discovery and Nimrod expeditions, and was one of the Furthest South party in For the — expedition, see Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. If today’s long-distance minute-by-minute bulletins keep you glued to your cell phone, here’s something much better: On reaching Port Stanley, Al informed London by cable of his whereabouts, and requested that a suitable vessel be sent south for the rescue operation.

This is one of the great adventure stories of our time. Cloth very lightly rubbed at spine ends and edges, cover corners rubbed and two small light marks on front and slight toning of blue on lower foredge corner, overall a bright copy. Finally, I was amazed at the thoughts and planning that Shackleton took to keep morale up within the group.