Find great deals for JBL M Stereo Mono Variable Crossover Rack Mount. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This crossover was rack mounted and is in good working condition. New lower price!. Please add the letters JBL behind part numbers when ordering. Page 3. JBL M Page 4. JBL M Page 5. JBL M Page 6. JBL Page 7. JBL

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Wide bandwidth, flat response; 10 Hz to 40 kHz. Originally Posted by pyonc. TODAYS top quality crossovers, like Bryston, jbll selectable slopes, and the dsp crossovers have 6,12,18,24,36,48, and 52 db slopes, as well as one dsp unit having db brick wall linear phase filters available.

Outstanding dB dynamic range for lower noise, greater headroom, and unparalleled transient response. Fantastic power supply, discrete circuitry, and high quality components, with superb engineering at work here. I do not like 24DB slopes.

JBL M552 average used price

If you can get one cheap and spend some money to clean up the power supply caps and such, its probably fine, but if you want to upgrade from what you have – there are better crossovers around.

All four devices incorporate Servo-Balanced outputs for proper gain matching and elimination of extemporaneous noise. Servo-balanced outputs provide automatic output mbl adjustment to accommodate either balanced or unbalanced feeds.

When dramatically increasing the size of the power supply capacitors, it is certainly a good idea to also increase current handling capacity of the rectifier diodes. The manual Link above is copyrightwhich makes them year old gear. User adjustment of Threshold, Attenuation, Attack and Release controls. If you find a mintI will be more than happy to pass modification info to you, and whatever assistance you want, to achieve the best you can get from the Noise Gate Control Ranges: Results 1 to 8 of 8.


Thats older tech, and not as clean as the better designs of today.

Sometimes, its a bitch getting the EXACT setting you had when you futz with the trying to dial it in to sonic perfection.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Another thing, is while I still do love the sound of theI love it with certain speakers, and NOT with others. Came running from down the hall, thanks Grumpy! I mean, if you have an excellent tweeter, and your crossover point is hz, you want it to be hz, not hz, or changing drifting on it’s own. Complete user control over Threshold, Attenuation, Attack and Release controls. Some prefer the with the output transfomers removed from the signal path, this may or may not be to your liking.

Better than dB unweighted. Stock, its untity gain in and out.

This flies in the face of current engineering trends and practices and is to some, highly questionable, but, we find the sound between the ranges to gel together seamlessly, and eminate as ONE using 3rd order butterworth filters, BUT higher order slopes 24db, 36db 48db, etc produce a sound that to our ears, make the ranges BASS, MIDRANGE, HIGHS sound like they are sparate from each other, and lacks the seamless m55 I consider natural sounding.

External key inputs on each channel allows gate triggering from external sources. If you have an RTA you can use that to determine where you are. The spec is to crossover at Hz – but if you are worried about the diff between and Hz, you might want to use a scope and sig gen to be sure of the setting accuracy of your front panel controls Yet still another known problem, most ,s had waffle IC sockets, so, the IC plugs into the socket, and ubl can be intermittent.

Outstanding dB dynamic range for lowest noise and greater headroom, resulting in superb transient response. But, 18db Butterworth sums flat at unity, which I think sounds nicer.


Then, another jnl to consider is the state variable filter frequency controls of the and output level attenuator pots.

Sometimes, you lose the output on ch 1, ch 2, ch 3, etc, and a tap obn the faceplate brings it back. Servo balanced outputs provide automatic output level jb to accommodate either balanced or unbalanced feeds.

By glen in forum Lansing Product General Information. Otherwise, your project could go up in smoke. If you have vintage speakers, that are less highly resolving, you might like the coloration the produces. You don’t need to engage the divide by 10 switch.

Used JBL M Active crossovers for Sale |

M Series Brochure Adobe Acrobatkb. If you don’t have an RTA just go with what sounds best to you. IMHO, a “WORKED ” Ureiin the right system, can make some enchanting sounding vinyl playback, but, I’m telling you the known problems of the unit, as well as the fact that I feel that sound can be, and hbl been surpassed today, especially for digital playback of Cd and downloads.

What do you think? The one thing I will disagree jb about current trends in filter technology today, is slopes, I like 12 and 18 DB slopes.

Wide bandwidth, flat response; 10 Hz to 75 kHz. External ground link terminals for independent access to signal and chassis grounds, permitting greater flexibility in system grounding. But, it is coloration, for sure. Of course, 24db slopes, and higher, allow higher power to be used for compression drivers and tweeters, but, unless your doing HIGH POWER commercial sound, I don’t think this is a problem for you.