Truth in Translation, by Jason BeDuhn (who is not George Kaplan, nor Jason David BeDuhn is an associate professor of religious studies at. “Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download The book touts the NWT to be the most accurate translation, so it has become immensely popular I find linguists not to have that bias, as beDuhn and Kedar show. Jason David BeDuhn, Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. University Press of America. Reviewed by.

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The word kurios should always be translated “Lord. It is therefore unmitigated interpretation rather than translation.

Thus, the New World Translation is just as biased as any other translation in its use of the word “obeisance” in reference to Jesus. On a second level, BeDuhn chooses a number of passages to use as illustrations. Nine translations were chosen actually 7, the other 2 are paraphrases and therefore not true translations and comparisons were made as to strict adherence to the original intent of the language of the New Testament, or more correctly, the Greek Scriptures the books from Matthew through Revelation.

Barbara rated it it was amazing Dec 06, With this fact in truyh, modern translators must be careful not to undo the work of the author by “restoring” God’s name in a place where a New Testament author may not intend it.

The textual apparatus will cite alternate wordings as an aid besuhn the translator in selecting the most probable word s used by the original writer. Now we can close the loop. Christ is the Mediator at creation to whom all creatures without exception own their creation.


A comprehensive review of Truth in Translation by Jason BeDuhn.

This book is great for readers in explaining the way translation is done but fails at everything else. We want a chapter-and-verse foundation for every doctrine. BeDuhn shows in his experiment that main stream Protestant Bibles are overly-influenced by the flawed King James Bible and the desire to find their own doctrines within the pages of the Bible.

Favid, he presents his evidences in a constructive and objective way, such that the readers know they are reading the work of someone who merely states what he believes and sees as geduhn.

My Struggle I never considered the book having the opposite effect. The problem in Hebrew 1: We need to pay careful attention to what the author says on this second level because he can teach us a great deal.

May 12, Ilynca Fiedler rated it liked it. Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God.

Truth in Translation : Jason David BeDuhn :

This biography of an American theology academic is a stub. I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in finding the best possible English translation of the Bible.

It especially highlights several cases of theological bias in the translation process.

If you are cavid familiar with this book you have not been a JW in the past year or two or living under a rock. This does not correspond to the English definite proper noun “God,” but to the indefinite noun “a god.

It is conjectural because it is a hypothesis, a “conjecture” that can only be proven if at some future time evidence is found that supports it. Therefore, hopefully with both his and the readers’ understanding, this will give the author the opportunity to state his argument and avoid taking what he says out of context.


They might argue that the context of belief surrounding Jesus implies that the gesture is more than “obeisance” or “homage.

Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

BeDuhn’s chapter The Work of Translation was trajslation helpful. Each time we choose one of those words, we have a whole range of linguistic, literary, cultural, historical, and interpretative or contextual arguments for why we feel that is the best English word to communicate the meaning and nuance of the Greek word.

But having mentioned “God” once in 1: But if in such cases they sometimes use “Jehovah” and sometimes revert to “Lord,” then they are interpreting the reference of the biblical author. He won the Best First Book Award from the American Academy of Religion in for his book The Manichaean Body in Discipline and Ritualnotable for its analysis of religions as goal-oriented systems of practice rationalized within particular models of reality.

And, the opinion would be divided when used of Jesus.

Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

If a translation differs from the standardclearly it must be wrong. In this book, BeDuhn takes into account the nine bible translations that are most widely in use in the English-speaking world, and compares the biases present in each of the translations.

But the selection of passages has not been arbitrary. But they were not doing it with theology.