ITR VACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY Received with thanks from. _a return of income in. ITR No. O 1(SAHAJ) O 2 O 3 O 45(SUGAM) O 4 O 5-o 7-o for. ITR – V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY B1 COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX RETURN B2 B3 B4 B5 Received with thanks. ITR V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY 4 o. 5. 0. La return of income in. 7>o for assessment year , having the following particulars. A2 MIDDLE.

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We often consider filing of the tax return is the end of the whole story. There is misconception that once the tax return has been filed electronically, work is over until the next tax return filing deadline. After you have uploaded your return to income tax e-filing website you can Ihr the ITR electronically. Remember, if you miss submitting your ITR-V within days, your e-filing will be considered invalid.

It will be considered that you have not yet filed your return. You then have to file a revised return, get a new ITR-V and submit the same within days. After e-verification of ITR, wait for around one month to get the intimation from IT department under section 1. You will receive another email from IT department once your income tax return gets processed. The intimation as the name suggests intimates the tax payer about, any tax and interest payable or if the assessee is eligible for refunds after providing all the necessary adjustments ackhowledgement to tax deducted at source, advance tax paid, any tax paid on self — assessment or any other amount in the nature of tax or interest.

If you look acknowledgemetn the notice you will see that there are two columns: If there is no difference ktr both columns i. For example, if Income as disclosed by taxpayer is Rs 6,00, but the department computes his income as Rs. Refund will either be sent by cheque or credited into the bank account mentioned in Income Tax Return.

It is verified with Digital Signature. Acknowledgemenh should file your Income-tax Return immediately.

This may happen in case there is mismatch in their and your calculation of income or TDS details. If there is any mistake in itg return, same can be corrected by filing rectification return. In case, there is any error or you have missed to enter any Income or Claim any deductions, then you can revise your return.

If you have received an intimation from the department, then firstly, understand the reason of difference in your computation and that by the department. The details are forwarded to the refund banker for processing the same. Check this status again after a few days for knowing the updation in status by the refund banker. The Refund Banker service will give you the latest details of your refund that may include speed post tracking, error messages in case of incorrect bank details etc. So, after a few days, check this status again.

You shall receive a utr from the department with acknkwledgement amount of demand outstanding and reason for the same. If there is difference between amount calculated aclnowledgement Income Tax Department with details submitted in return, same can be corrected by filing Rectification Return.

Check the intimation and understand the reason of difference. If acknowledgsment find that your own refund request was erroneous, pay the tax demanded by the I-T department within the time limit mentioned in the intimation. Keeping Income Tax Records Even if your income tax returns are processed successfully you need to keep all the paper work.

After e-filing ITR: ITR-V,Reciept Status,Intimation u/s (1)

Since legal proceedings under the income tax act can be initiated up to acknowpedgement years prior to the current financial year, you must maintain Income tax related documents at least seven years. The records that you need to keep are. Be watchful of emails, letters and notices received from the Income tax Department and respond to them within the requisite time. I have filed itr for ay evc accepted on 1 july But it is not processed till now.

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Should I wait for some more time?

After e-filing ITR: ITR-V,Receipt Status,Intimation u/s 143(1)

Yes Sir you need to wait. Generally, it takes days from the date of e-verification of your Income Tax Return to get your ITR processed Processing of income-tax returns by the Income-tax department whether CPC or by jurisdictional officers is done under acknowledfement 1 of the Income-tax Act. As per this section, the time limit is one year from the end of the financial year in which the return of income is filed. Therefore, acknowledgemeht example, if you have filed the return of income for Assessment Year Financial Year sometime in July then the last date for processing that return is 31st March, i.

Acknowledge,ent, I tried raising the grievances since my income tax refund is pending for assessment year Its already e-verified on 24 July But since then no processing is done. Every time I called them qy help line they says we can not tell you the time lines in which the refund will be processed. Also order under section 1 is also not processed.

Hi, I tried reaching out to my AO officer via email, since my refund is pending with him for processing. Could you please guide ackmowledgement further on this? You can raise it on social media. You can file RTI. An RTI application can in most cases, solve acknowledgemsnt issue in a very simple manner. The procedure to file an RTI application for a refund is very simple:.

Please refer the sample of RTI application at the aay. The purpose of the RTI is to receive relevant information held and on record and not accuse the functioning of the system. A CA cannot apply on behalf of the assessee. The RTI application must be signed by the acnowledgement himself. However, an assessee may authorize a CA or an Advocate or any other person to represent the assessee in the course of hearing before the PIO or the Appellate Authorities by way of a Power of Attorney that specifically provides for delegation of power with respect to RTI matters.

As per the Citizens Charter, in how many days is the Income Tax Department supposed to refund the excess income tax paid by the assessee and claimed in his IT return? Names, Designations, Office Address, Office Telephone Number, Mobile Numbers in case mobile provided 22013-14 paid for by the officeof ALL the officers of the Income Tax department who have seen my Income Tax returns and are supposed to process the refund claimed there in. Inspection of all files and records, including all file notes, concerning the processing of my refund claim as mentioned above.

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Further, the acknowlexgement requested in this application is pertaining to me the applicant and is therefore not covered under Sec 8 1 j or Sec 11 — personal or private information or third party information. I am willing to pay any additional charges as determined by the CPIO under Sec 7 3and communicated to me with a reasoned order which includes detailed calculations which have been used for demanding the extra amount to be charged.

In case the CPIO has any doubts on the information requested above or needs any further clarification, he is free to call me on any of the numbers mentioned above, at any time of the day or night. Please find enclosed IPO Nr………………. My family very time ssay that I am killing my time here at web, except I know I am getting know-how everyday by reading thes good content. Sir, I had filed return for the year and fwd to income tax department and ack for the same has been fwd to number.


You are requested to intimate the present position of the case. After seraching in my mails i got the IT depts. It shows my advance tax and self assessment tax as nil and only irr TDS. Please check your Form 26AS. Sir, In this regard, TDS means Tax deducted by employer where as advance tax means tax credited in advance by the tax payer himself before end of that F.

Y in due course of time. But in the instant case, in notice if it is shown as TDS discarding advance tax and self assessment it is an error you have to file returns in rectification option. We request you to verify the tax payments deta ils in 26AS and confirm the status of th e entire payments and file for online re ctification, with the updated tax payment details by logging on to http: Thanks for your several informative posts. I have a query. When I checked I found that there was an error iitr the entry which resulted in lesser income reported because of which I got excess refund and now I need to pay more tax.

I have not received any IT notice. Having noticed that I made an error, can I now pay additional tax for AY and file a revised return? Having got excess refund, how the refund amount can be entered in the revised return of AY if I am allowed to file revised return.

Do I need to pay interest on the refund amount while I pay additional Tax? Expecting a response from you Thanks Johnny. Please use the steps mentioned in e Sahayog user guide. I igr trying to e-verify the form but while I am doing so I get the message that there is no return pending for e-verification. Do I need to file the return again or is there any workaround to this issue?

Therefore you need to file return again. Kindly consult a Tax expert and not to take any decision based on this reply only.

This is just for help. Otr in advance …. Aknowledgement service is available in English, Hindi and Kannada. Sir Itrv assessment year On recived on my Refund Has not come, If any, mistakes by me what Can i do for refund.

I have filed my returns in June. However, I received an online notice that there was a defect in my f. There is a refund claimed and it has been more than a month. Can you please let me know when I can expect mmy returns. Please check the document received in email. Document shows computation of income, with income reported under various categories, deductions claimed, taxable income, tax due, tax paid ex advance tax, self 22013-14 tax, TDS, etc in two columns a As provided by taxpayer in his Income tax return is from the ITR filed by the tax-payer.

Scroll down and at the end of all calculations you would see two headings Net Amount Refundable and Net Amount Payable. The status now is ITR received. Have nt received the refund amount yet. Should I contact someone.

The status shown return uploaded and what to do now please guide us.