I – BEAM: It is represented by dimensions of Web & Flange. For e.g. x75 Beams manufactured by JINDAL are represented by Web Height, Flange Width & Section Weight. JINDAL . 3, ISMB BEAMS X 70 X 5, 4, X 75 X 5. Calculator for Beams – IPE. Height, h: mm. Width, b: mm. Thickness, s: mm. Thickness, t: mm. Length, L: m. Result. Weight per meter: kg/m. Total weight: kg. ROLLED STEEL BEAMS (Indian Standard) . ISMB ISMB ISMB

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The Cross section of an object is the shape you get when you cut straight through an object. For cylinder it can be a rectangle, a circle even an oval, depending on how it has been cut. The effective depth of a section, d is defined as the distance from the extreme concrete fibre in compression to the centre of gravity of the longitudinal tension reinforcement.



The actual width of the flange is the spacing of the beam, which is the same as the distance between the middle points of the adjacent spans izmb the slab. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate.

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Indian Standard Beam Profile. Property Value Modulus of Section Z xx Other I – Beam Profile.

Max Size of Flange Rivet. Indian Standard Medium Weight Beam Weight per Meter w. Depth of Section h. Width of Flange b.

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Thickness of Flange t f. Thickness of Web t w.

Moment of Inertia l xx. Moment of Inertia l yy. Radius of Gyration r xx.

Radius of Gyration r yy. Modulus of Section Z xx. Modulus of Section Z yy. Radius at Root r 1.


ISMB Beam Profile | ISSP | Structural Steel Sections | Easy Calculators

Radius at Toe r 2. Slope of Flange D. Connection g l min.