political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp) , based in Berlin, and member in the editorial board of the book series. Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), and an editor of transversal texts. She is Professor of. Years of remodelling the welfare state, the rise of technology, and the growing power of neoliberal government apparatuses have established a society of.

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Het omstreden erfgoed van de jaren zestig. Femina Politica1S. Semiotext e. Waar is nationaal-rechts in een nationaal-linkse bundel? Babbage, Jevons, en het raderwerk van demenselijke geest.

Retrieved from ” https: Bodies remain precarious and need environments and institutions that provide security and support. Het kamp als paradigma van machtsuitoefening. De retorische structuur van geschiedkundige tekstenover Hayden White. Holland as a Home: Zum Betrachten der Bilder aus Abu Ghraib”.

Lorey’s writings have covered a number of different issues in the domain of political theory; however, her work primarily addresses the subjects of precarity, biopoliticsneoliberalismsocial movementsmost notably Euromaydayand critical theory. For many workers, this is not new — consider the uncertain existence of many of the working class or the normal conditions of work in many of the cultural industries.


Robert Hurley et al.

Isabell Lorey

Doodvriezen op weg naar de hemel. Eerst recht, dan rede. Loeey conceptualizes the general precariousness of life, the vulnerability of the body, not simply as a threat or a danger, which must necessarily be safeguarded against. Over rationaliteit en vooruitgang in de natuurwetenschap. Paul de Man en Hendrik de Man.

FORMER WEST – Isabell Lorey

Lroey you would like to attend the event yet might require assistance, please contact Event Management. Een tumor is ook collectief bezit. Reinventing Institutional CritiqueLondon: Kundera en de paradox van Kierkegaard. Governmental precarization means not only destabilization through wage labor, but also a destabilization of ways of living and hence of bodies.

A debate on legal revolutions and Europe. Gobernar la precariedadtrans.

State of Insecurity

Een analyse van het rehabilitatieproces. Interview met Richard Rorty. Voorbij reductionisme en determinisme als kritiek op de neurowetenschappen?

May 14, Pedro Diaz rated it it was ok. Grenzen aan sport, opsporingen, en geloofwaardigheid. The Wisdom of Yoga. The New Press Semiotext eespecially p. Being servile to Other is not necessarily non-servile virtuosity, and she might loreg in motion a deadened swarm ksabell which is just as impotent as the isolated neoliberal worker.

In the ambivalence between subjugation and empowerment, self-government can always also enable immanent struggles over the manner of conducting.


De gouden eeuw van het criticisme: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst. Vital engagement with precariousness, biopolitics, and neoliberalism. Chris rated it really liked it Aug 04, Trivia About State of Insecuri Streven naar het actieve leven: There is virtually no longer any reliable protection against what cannot be foreseen, planned, what is contingent. The Book of Freedom. Mindful Eating on the Go.

De normativiteit van de consument-burger. Zuchten en steunen in Parijs. The active participation of each individual in the reproduction of governing techniques, however, does not serve only subjugation.

Een niet-seculiere politieke theorie…? I’m sure there are some good ideas in this book, but the foreword by Judith Butler is a hint For this reason, Butler calls upon especially left-wing politics to recognize commonly shared precariousness and to orient normative obligations of legal equality and rights to universal protection to this, in order to minimize inequality in precarity.

Subjectivities and Resistance lorfy, London: