Is It Important to Shave Pubic Hair?

Some parts of our body are overgrown with hair, or what we often call the term ‘fur.’ Invisible body parts, hair can function as a crown or for the beauty of the body, besides also having functions for health as well. So, what about the hairs that grow in hidden body parts or private? Does it also have special functionality?

If you look at your body, then every place that is ‘vulnerable’ and needs to be protected will have hair/fur. For example, the head, which needs to be guarded so that it does not bump, break, and is very vulnerable in the crown. So that while still a baby, the thickest hair in that section.

Then around the eyes are also overgrown with hair, at the top, there are lashes so that dust, liquid, or foreign objects do not easily come into the eyes.

When you haven’t used your clothes, the chances are that your entire body is covered with hair that is less frequent and in a vulnerable place with more dense hair and covering the area. With human growth, changing times and human evolution, the most critical remaining is keeping the fragile parts with hair.

Well, the illustration above might give an idea of ​​the importance of ‘hidden’ hair, such as pubic hair and armpit hair. The function of hair that covers the body part is to maintain moisture. Because in addition to being sensitive, at the bottom of the organ are glands that are very important for the body.

Maybe when humans are still not familiar with clothing, the presence of these feathers is needed. However, along with the discovery of clothing as body armor, the function of hair can be helped by these clothes, so it does not become a problem or even recommended to cut (shorten) pubic hair or pull hair in your armpit, for reasons of cleanliness and aesthetics.

Actually, for the matter of the number, place of growth and shape of the hair is the characteristic of each human being, which is certainly different from each other. In addition to fingerprints, the number and location of hair growth can also show the person’s data. Hair is also a separate identification and sexual attraction for your partner.