Is All About Sperm?!

Do you doubt your sperm is normal? Detecting sperm health can be done by observing odors, colors and seeing the composition of sperm. You can check your sperm without having to use tools to ensure his health.

Sperm color
The standard color of sperm is opaque white. Other colors indicate the presence of dangerous things that interfere with sperm health. Yellow sperm indicates a bacterial infection that takes place in the prostate gland (seminal vesicles). While the color of red or dark brown sperm indicates the presence of excess red blood cells in sperm with various possibilities, such as bacterial infections that occur in the prostate gland (seminal vesicles), a more serious indication of disease (prostate cancer). But all that requires precision and evaluation of examinations such as ultrasound or examination of prostate tumor markers.

The smell of sperm
Sperm has an odor like acacia leaves. Although this is very subjective because everyone has their own definition of sperm odor problems. Changing the smell of sperm into rancid or fishy smell must be suspected. A fishy or rancid odor can lead to an infection in the male reproductive tract or reproductive glands, such as the prostate and seminal vesicles.

Sperm composition
The composition of sperm fluid is actually not all composed of sperm cells (spermatozoa). 95 to 98% of the water comes from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, while the rest is spermatozoa in the form of a concentrate which is encased in gels or crystals. The existence of the gel is not a coincidence. Seminogelin is a substance released by the seminal vesicle gland, one of the male reproductive glands that play an important role because it also produces fructose as a fuel from the movement of spermatozoa. The gels have a way to experience liquefaction or liquefaction because the prostate gland secretes the enzyme that is responsible for it.