Increasing Memory and Brain Intelligence

You want to be smarter, clearer mind, have better concentration and sharp reasoning? According to new research on the brain, this passion can be fulfilled. According to Elisa S. lottor, Ph.D., in the Female and Forgetful book, experts found that the most significant role in creating great brain power, good memory, and even higher IQ is lifestyle choices, not genetics. Studies prove the experts’ allegations so far that the brain is like other muscles. We can develop the brain, making it sharper mentally and absorbing new information faster. Next, things can be done.

Eat a Fat Breakfast
For example donuts, a new study shows breakfast foods that contain little fat can improve memory. The researchers told some volunteers who were studied to fast overnight, then the next day they were told to eat breakfast containing fat, carbohydrates, and protein. People who eat donuts get high marks for brain ability. The reason is that the brain treats fat as a fuel that can be directly accessed.
Tips to strengthen the brain: In the morning, we need an extra increase. Eat foods that contain little fat or eat cream cheese bread.

Bingo game
Bingo (a game with matching numbers) uses a lot of concentration, patterns of recognition and speed in the face of tension. This is a skill that keeps the brain sharp. The more playing bingo, the brain will get sharper. Older bingo players get better results on a number of mental tests compared to younger players.
Tips to strengthen the brain: Buy Bingo and invite your friends or family to play once a week.

Around 3 pm, we are generally sleepy. About 8 o’clock after waking up, there is a decrease in the body clock which can affect cognitive abilities. The good news, by James Maas, Ph.D., in the book Power Sleep, can be overcome. Experts find that only 10 minutes of napping or meditation can restore brain performance to normal levels. Longer than that can cause nervousness. Less than that will not get this benefit.
Tips to strengthen the brain: If you are at home, we suggest setting a 10-minute alarm clock. If you work, close your eyes. Imagine calm and relaxed natural scenery for only 10 minutes.

Chewing Gum
The researchers found that subjects who chewed gum got a higher score of 35% of memory tests than those who did not. The experts have not seen, what makes this gum so effective. Allegedly, repeated chewing of the chewy surface increases the heart rate, sends more oxygen to the brain.
Tips to strengthen the brain: provide gum and chew whenever needed.

Nutrients that Make Smarter
Experts find people who get a lot of choline, a type of natural amino acid that is included in beef, egg yolk, has a smarter brain and thinks faster. Low-fat diets make people not get enough choline. So according to Jean Carper in the book Food: Your Miracle Medicine.
Tips to strengthen the brain: choline can be obtained, among others, by eating egg yolks, meat, fish, and milk. However, some experts recommend getting it in supplement form. Before taking any supplements, consult first with your doctor.

You may have heard, to hold the brain sharp, we must train it with things like the contents of crosswords and reading. Now there are better suggestions. Hany chatting with friends can bring better results. Experts who examined 3,617 people found a clear relationship between brain dissemination and function. The participation of all age groups who are most sociable is experiencing the lowest cognitive impairment and many train the brain. Most people suspected that chatting did not require mental effort turned out to be wrong. Brain scans show light conversations activate special parts of the brain that show great direct effort.
Tips for using your brain: Talk with friends over the phone or ask for dinner. This system can keep the brain young for a long time.

Experts tell subjects to walk quickly for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. People who walk have increased brain function by 15%. They are better able to make connections, do various tasks and ignore distractions. Studies also found that after 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, 3 times a week, mental performance improved to 25%. Exercise not only enhances the growth of new nerve cells in the brain, but it also flows more blood and oxygen to the brain to make it smarter.
Tips to strengthen the brain: A study shows, people the most likely to continue walking is also doing something fun at the same time: listening to music, chatting with children, or while washing eyes.

Get Tryptophan
Amongst other chemicals found in turkey, this can keep memory sharp, the researchers found, if tryptophan levels increase, subjects get higher scores on tests and introduction tests. The reason is that tryptophan produces serotonin, a type of neurotransmitter that relieves stress. Studies show that just a little stress can interfere with memory.
Tips to strengthen the brain: Eat turkey for lunch. However, don’t overeat. More than 8 ounces produces quite a lot of sleepy tryptophan.