To test an IGBT with Multimeter, the meter should be used in diode-checking mode. It should have battery voltage of less than 20V (a typical. The INSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR (IGBT) is a STEP-1 – IGBT TESTING WITH MULTIMETER: IGBT DATA SHEET. Most manufacturers IGBT devices are % tested before shipping and Equipment Requirement – DMM with diode check mode and battery voltage less than.

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How to Test IGBT( Find bad IGBT )

But You need to Access its power terminals. Using aDMM you can check these power device as we do.

If you need more infoi can send you the detail procedure. Product Support Services Forum mySupport.

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How to check an IGBT – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Hello, May I ask you for what reason you wanna do that? Doesn’t tell the display the status? If you you connect the drive on the software you can read olmost everything about the conditions of the drive.

If you missing the internal 24Vdc supply, you can still read it by using the Profibus module with a 24vdc connected on it. The module will feet the drive 24VDC circuit. Anyway it shout also be possible to read it from the display.

Best regards Tommy Huijs. Dear Tommy, That’s what the problem is.

I dont want to power up the drive and I want to check the thyristors for healthyness. One way is to check the impedance in between the U1,V1, W1 and the DC bus by a ohmmeter multimeetr diode mode. Any other way exists that’s what I want to know Regards Shamsher. Use a external 24Vdc See compendium masterdrive VC.


You basically remove the CUVC board and plug in an extender board that is connected via a ribbon cable to a breakout box that provides voltage test points and more. I’ve got the part number, just not with me at this moment. Hai All It’s Ok with softwares and other accessories but what I want is say if a layman wants to check wheather the thyristors are ok or not then is there any thumb rule for the same Regards Shamsher.

Check the reading on multi meter.