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This part of IEC applies to three-phase and single-phase power transformers (including auto-transformers) with the exception of certain categories of. NORME CE1 INTERNATIONALE IEC INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Edition Edition consolidée par l’amendement Edition . Buy IEC Ed. Power transformers Part 1: General from SAI Global.

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Installation environment An environment with ic pollution rate see IEC and IEC that does not require special consideration regarding the external insulation of transformer bushings or of the transformer itself.

NOTE For multi-winding transformers, the voltage drop or rise depends not only on the load and power factor of the winding itself, but also on the load and power factor of the other windings see IEC Corresponding quantities with analogousmeaning, related to other specific tappings, are called tapping quantities see 3.

U, is the highest voltage for equipment applicable to a transformer winding see IEC The total loss for the selected tapping 60076- the test power for determination of oiltemperatureriseduringthetemperaturerisetest, and thetapping current for that tapping is the reference current for determination of winding temperature rise above oil.

For a three- phasetransformer the impedance is expressed as phase impedance equivalent star connection. Unless otherwise specified it ice be assumed that the range is symmetrical around the principal tapping and that the tapping steps in the tapped winding are equal. Insulation levels and dielectric tests IEC Theobject of theIECistopromote international co-operation on all questions concerning standardization 6007-1 the electrical and electronic fields.

Formulti-winding transformers, any impedances that are specified for particular pairs of windings together with relevant reference ratings if percentage values are given. Constant flux voltage variation CFVV Allowance for voltage drop, with regard to load power factor, is made in the specification of the rated voltage and the tapping range see clause 2 of IEC When IEC standards do not exist for such categories of transformers, this part of IEC may still be applicable eitheras a whole or in part.


Theirpreparationis entrustedtotechnicalcommittees;any IEC NationalCommitteeinterested in thesubjectdealtwith may participateinthispreparatorywork.

IEC – Power Transformers Package

For this system the following applies: Additional information is necessary. From this tapping onwards the tapping current values for the winding are then specified to be constant.

The terminal or terminalsconnected to thecommonpoint theneutralpoint of a star- connected or zigzag connected winding. The impedance is corrected to reference temperature assuming that ied reactance is constant and that the a. Whenathree-phasetransformer is tested,thevoltagesshall be measuredbetweenline terminals, if a delta-connected winding is energized, and between phase and neutral terminals if a YN or ZN connected winding is energized.

Other tappings are identified by their tapping factors. It bears the edition number 2. The IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.

Tapped windings shall be connected on their principal tapping, unless the relevant test clause requires otherwise or unless the manufacturer and the purchaser agree otherwise. The measurement of windingresistanceshallbemadeaccording to Restrictions on dimensions and mass. A moisture-removing breather is usually fitted in the connection to the atmosphere. Correction for measuring transformer errors and for resistance of thetest connectionsshouldbeappliedunless they are obviously negligible see IEC NOTE This quantity may be expressed in relative, dimensionless form, as a fraction z of the uec impedance Zret,of the same winding of the pair.


Thesearereference values for comparison with later measurement in the field. In addition the short-circuit impedance values for the principal tapping and at least the extreme tappings shall be given, preferably in ohms per phase referred to a specific winding.

This is a reference value for guarantees and tests concerning load losses and temperature rises.

IEC 1 Power transformers General | Duy Nguyen –

The current in the neutral and the duration of applicationshould be limitedtoavoidexcessivetemperatures of metallicconstructional parts. But the assigned values of tapping quantities are not fully defined by this alone. The following types are distinguished: On theother hand, forexample, when atransformer is to becombined with previously existing units, it may be justified to specify and agree on narrower impedance tolerances.

The connection fitted at the works shall be indicated.

Forsuch transformers,thetappingparticularsaresubject to agreement. The difference in temperature between the top oil and the bottom oil shall be small enough to enable the mean temperature to be determined accurately. I militaire comme cl tableaux, diagrammes, graphiques, autre s This loss is composed of ‘ohmic loss’: Auto-transformer Ya0 r t – 1 I r “” 1?

For information about rules and tests regarding the temperature rise of oil- immersed transformers see IEC If dry-type, degree of protection see IEC NOTE 2 The no-load current of a winding is often expressed as a percentage of the rated current of that winding.

The quantity ‘highest voltage for equipment’ which characterizes the insulation of the winding, is also kV see IEC