How to Hypnotize Yourself!

You can do hypnosis yourself. Previously you had to ensure the formulation of the program that you want to instill in your subconscious.
Many programs can be made, such as “I am getting healthier day by day,” “Day by day the pain that I experience is getting lighter”, “My sexual desire is getting stronger and easier to reach orgasm,” and many more.

To hypnotize yourself, try doing the following steps:
1. Relaxation
Loosen all tense muscles. To find out the difference that the muscles relax, tighten the muscles from the sole of the foot to the head for a few seconds then relax. Control your breath and clear your mind.
Slowly breathe deeply, hold for a few moments, then exhale slowly. Every time you exhale, imagine as if cleaning the pressure from the body.
2. Relaxation deepening
At this stage, we can be very relaxed until almost like sleeping even though we are conscious and awake. Relaxing signs can be felt from all organs of the body, eyes, mouth, arm muscles, to the legs and breath. Benchmark the brain begins to relax.
One way to deepen relaxation is to count down in your heart, for example starting at 100. Don’t count forward because it keeps the mind going. If there is a picture and the mind sneaks when counting, so be it. That’s a natural thing. Keep counting.
Calculations are done at a speed that makes us comfortable and relaxed, about 2-3 seconds each count. Some people like to connect counts with their breath. When the condition is deeper, the breathing slows down so that the count also slows down.
3. Once it reaches the end of the deepening, enter positive records (program).
Avoid second person pronouns. Use my pronouns. Suggestions must be specific, technically correct and regularly planted under the right conditions. Formulation of recommendation must be short.
Experiments are needed to find the most effective method of instilling suggestions for yourself. There are those who can immediately feel the results. There are also those that take a long time. If you think there has been no change in a long time, there should be a change in suggestion.
4. Once finished giving the program, hypnosis is complete
You have to provide clear boundaries between hypnotic and conscious states. This prevents us from falling asleep. To end self-hypnosis, think that you will wake up. Get ready for that, for example by counting to three.
Self-hypnosis is relatively easy to learn and do. This is a form of skill. So, besides knowledge, continuous training is needed to improve abilities.