Navigate to the links below for complete online documentation on HomeSeer Software. HS3 Online click here for Guides and Support on Legacy Products. Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for HomeSeer home automation products. HS3 Smart Home Software Quick Start Guide – Duration: 7 minutes, 56 seconds. Be sure to account for all trigger/condition possibilities to ensure proper operation!. software was designed to be easy to use, yet flexible enough for advanced users. HomeSeer works automatically by responding to events that you configure. For.

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Indriver support homesrer added to HS1 for Z-Wavea wireless mesh network technology. After trying several programs, Helmke elected to create his own program initially named AutoHomeand launched that effort, as a part-time pursuit, under the company name “Keware”. Once programming is complete, the HS3 system will carry out automation functions unattended.

HomeSeer – Wikipedia

Exclusive Update – HomeSeer Technologies”. HomeSeer Type of site. In JanuaryHomeSeer introduced voice programming and automatic camera support [12] [13] for their controllers. Since Z-NET works over a network connection, it can be placed nearly anywhere in the home and may also be used in outbuildings, vacation homes or other secondary residences.


Retrieved 28 November If desired, the HSTouch mobile app may be used to monitor and manually control the products in the home. Retrieved 15 December Hojeseer HomeTroller was also released in [6] to provide functionality similar to the PRO but at a lower price point. A companion program, HSTouch Designerguie also released for those who wished to customize the mobile app with their own screen designs and graphics.

Additionally, the company maintains an online store of compatible home automation products and a free online community forum for users and dealers. Retrieved 4 December HomeSeer’s HomeTroller Zee was also released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Support & Service Options

HomeSeer systems are designed to integrate with the following technologies and products using a mixture of native and 3rd-party drivers plug-ins:. This allowed the cameras to be viewed with the HSTouch mobile app. Retrieved 18 December Software is at the core of every system produced by Ueer. It’s also pre-installed onto HomeTroller controllers, for users who prefer a more fully configured solution. In a typical installation, HS3 systems are connected to the users home network and may be programmed with any web browser.

Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 1 March The new version was designed as a web application to allow for remote set up and configuration, as well as remote control. Helmke developed guied interest in home automation and set about to find a software program that would fit his needs. Views Read Edit View history.


A professional version HSPRO targeting custom installers and featuring advanced Z-Wave support with pre-licensed plug-ins, was also released.

Retrieved from ” https: The HSM was well suited for home automation events that relied on some combination of its sensor data. HomeSeer’s MyHS web service is designed to provide remote internet access only and is not required for processing of automation events gide the home. HomeSeer was founded in by company president Richard Helmke.

HomeSeer User’s Guide

An open API coupled with a freely available SDK was added to encourage 3rd party development of plug-in drivers for support of additional technologies and products. Retrieved 31 December In December, the company’s first hardware controller PRO was released.

Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 25 November