HEATHKIT. MANUAL for the. DELUXE. ANTENNA TUNER. Model SAA You must deliver the unit at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit. View and Download Heath Kit SAA manual online. Heathkit SAA TV Antenna pdf manual download. Antenna Tuner SA Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for.

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It is best to ground all equipment to one point at the operating position; then ground this point as discussed above.

Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)

Be sure to center the tape from top to bottom. Start a second nut onto each threaded rod. If, for any reason, the meters fail to register, heathkti for the following conditions; a. NOT COVERED — The correction of assembly errors, adjustments, calibration, and damage due to misuse, abuse or ueathkit are not covered by the warranty Use of corrosive solder and ‘or the unauihorized modification of the product or of any furnished componen.

Tighten each nut finger tight, Heathkit Bend the rounded part of a cable clamp so it is just a little larger than the diameter of the sensor cable. In the following steps, temporarily move any switch wires as necessary to allow clearance as you solder other connections. Connect the free end of the orange wire coming from SW2 lug 5 to meter Ml lug 1 S It is frequently helpful to have a friend check your work.

Sensitivity control connections correctly wired and well za-2060, c.

Manual for Heathkit SA Antenna Tuner

Please do not send parts for testing, unless this is specifi- cally requested by our Consultants. Then temporarily tighten the two setscrews in the knob.


In the following steps, as you position the sensor assembly nanual the rear panel, keep all the slack out of the cable; pull it through grommet A to avoid kinking it on the inside of the sensor assem- bly.

Selects desired meter M2 scale or 0- from which you mxnual determine RF output power. Reflected 3 scales Low — watts. Do not include any wooden cabinets or color televi- sion picture tubes, as these are easily damaged in shipment.

This completes the tuning procedure for single-wire antennas. Tighten the setscrew in the stepped coupler, Slide the nylon gear rearward on the inductor mxnual.

SW3 lug 4 to solder lug K NS. Be careful not to over- tighten the hardware or you could damage the meter. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Be sure in each step that the proper part has been wired into the circuit, as shown in the Pictorials.

Locate the small window and, if necessary, re- move the thin protective film from either or both sides of the window. In the same manner, if necessary, adjust the pointer position of FWD meter M2 so its pointer is directly over the left index. Check all the straps that are mounted in the rear of the chassis. Make sure the wires do not twist or overlap the other wires.

Before you mount the sensor, refer to the inset drawing on Detail B and make certain the rotor index is at the “bypass” setting exactly as shown.

With a single switch you may select a dummy load, or any of three permanently-connected antennas, in- cluding a long-wire antenna. In the following steps, be careful so the adhe- sive on one side of the tape does not stick to itself when you handle the tape.


za-2060 Reheat the connec- tion if necessary. Many solid-state exciters have automatic VSWR shut-down circuits, During the following tuning procedures, a decrease in VSWR should correspond to an in- crease in forward power.

This part of the “Operation” section includes the procedure for using your Antenna Heathhkit with vari- ous antenna systems. Route this heathkut around terminal strip J as shown.

Use a control flat washer, a control lockwasher, and a control nut. Tighten the mounting screws at E, F, G, and H. Then mount the rear inductor end plate to the spacer.

Position the strap as shown in the Detail. This is the type we have supplied with the parts. When the label’s adhesive backing touches the surface of the front panel, it will be difficult to remove and reposition.

Remove and discard the shorting wires from the meter terminals.

Adjust the two free wires until you have a length of about 6″ from the cores to the wire ends. Connect the prepared FVVD meter M2 will indicate the forward power.

Secure the detent with hsathkit control flat washer and a control nut tighten the hardware. Reflected power is fac- tory calibrated by control R for the 0 — watt scale and by R for the 0 — watt scale.

Heath kit SA-2060A Manual

Then, as you view the inductor from the shaft end, turn the inductor counterclockwise until the inductor roller hits the rear stop. Check each resistor value carefully.

Push the inductor against the bushing in manuak front inductor end plate. Perform the tuning procedure described under “Coupler Tuning” that corresponds to the antenna you are using.