Healthy Tips for Caring for Breasts

Important assets of every woman are facial skin, buttocks and of course breasts. Lots of products are offered to treat the face and body to keep looking beautiful.
However, to maintain breast beauty, it’s not easy because breast skin tends to be thinner and softer than other body parts. The skin around the nipple or areola is also more sensitive because there are nerves underneath.

So you should avoid rubbing with soap in these sensitive areas. This is because some soaps can make a sensitive part of the skin dry and irritated. If you want to keep your breasts well maintained, then you follow the following trick.

1. The first is to use a mild moisturizer or sweet almond oil and do it every two days if it is dried nipples and areola and pecans. To soften the skin of the breast, you should add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender clan neroli. You should avoid the activity of rubbing the breast with a towel roughly because it will only cause the nipple to feel sore and sore.

2. The second step is to do a mask. Doing masks not only on your facial skin but also your breasts. By doing a special breast mask, the skin of your breast will be tighter. Usually, this mask is made from the essential ingredients of flour bergs (Amylum oryzae).

3. The trick is to apply a mask that has been mixed with rose water evenly on the breast with the help of a brush. Leave for 1015 minutes or until it dries. After that, wash with warm water to clean and compress with ice. Then rinse your breasts with cotton that has been moistened with freshener. By doing masking, you will get benefits such as tight, smoother breasts, look more beautiful shape to slow wrinkles. For maximum results, you should use a breast mask for approximately 10 weeks.

4. Perform massage by doing breast massage to keep the shape tight. The first step you have to do is clean the breast with a wet towel soaked in warm water. Then gently wipe the skin around the breast.

5. After that, dry and massage the breasts gently about 1015 minutes. Then clean it again with a wet towel and dry it. Cover your nipples with wet cotton.