Lifestyle Evolution | The Social Supremacy Blueprint · greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening. Note: The review below is about Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint”, however he has recently launched a new program The King’s. Greg Greenway Social Supremacy Blueprint – greg-greenway-social-supremacy-blueprint/.

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It differs from a lot greneway other dating products in that it focuses on meeting women through warm approaches rather than cold approaches.

The better you already are with women, the better this system will work for you.

Feel anxious about approaching women? If you enjoy going out and being social then this will be a natural process for you, and you’ll enjoy the process and not just be focused on the end result. Originally Posted by sapmi. This is talked about as a good way to find role models and how to identify if someone is the right role model for you. By having the intention to make friends with them, over time this will have a snowball type of effect as momentum builds and you meet a lot of women with much less effort.

Because of the work that goes into this and the lifestyle you focus on building, it’s generally better suited to guys who want to casually date different women.

Could take some time to see results, depending on what level your general social skills are at and how much experience you have with women. At other times he says women are discrete and won’t tell anyone if they sleep with you, so this was a bit contradictory. Figure out how to sociao them via people with big social influences 3. If you want an overview of his system then you can check out The King’s Game.

Lifestyle Evolution The Social Supremacy Blueprint greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening interview. Dating Women From Social Circles Clearly the major motivating factor in putting in the time and effort to create this social lifestyle is the access it’ll give you to the types of women you’re most attracted to.


Greg C. Greenway

But if you are in that situation where you have a lot of social issues, few friends, greenwwy women etc… then you probably need to learn this stuff more than anybody. It’s not focused on tricks and techniques, but about having a strong identity and getting your life together.

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One of these things is that if you soclal to date the hottest women the only way to do so is through their social circle, as they never go out to coffee shops, supermarkets and other regular places. American Date of Birth: It’s possible you could meet someone who can open up all kinds of doors for you the first time you go out, or it could take months of meeting many new people before you form the right connections yreenway are really going to pay off for you.

Entourage Game – Getting seduced by women – Recruiting beautiful women into your social circle – The cons of developing an entourage circle, and the mistakes Module Innovativeness Is it something totally new? The Language of Lust. User Name Remember Me? There’s a brief bit of information on fashion and style but that’s more outside the scope of this product.

The Social Supremacy Blueprint

So just be realistic here and use your common sense when supremqcy hear this type of thing. It’s a step up from cold approaching in that these women will generally be more receptive to you when they are introduced to you. Social Circle Seduction – Strategically position yourself for a continuous flow of women – Access to quality women Module Overall there’s some solid content included here in these and the other interviews, as the guests are all highly respected dating coaches.

See other courses and coaching from Social Circle Training. This is something you’ll want to get a hlueprint on though, especially if you want to access higher level social circles.

Then blueptint gives you the tools, and methods that you can use to understand and handle every social situation that you find yourself in so that other people, male and female will think that you are THE MAN, a cool, high status guy with a lot of value ie. No User Reviews Yet. So many guys make things so much harder on themselves by thinking they need to always be so proactive about going out to pick up women.


If you prefer, you can download the audio by itself as an mp3 file. Dating Coach Affiliated Dating Companies: Keep in mind that it’s hard to determine how long it might take to create the social life you desire. Social Intelligence And Calibration The early bblueprint are focused more on the importance of general social intelligence, as you’re not going to get any real success without an understanding of this.

However you still have to be able to back this up with something, and if you don’t have the skills to attract and connect with women then meeting them this way isn’t going to be a way around that issue.

Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint” Review – Social Badassery?

A good resource to check out for this is 51 Handsome Guy Secrets. If that is you, then this will definitely take you outside of your comfort zone, but that needs to happen anyway, right? You can be the most friendly social person bluepritn the world, making friends with everyone in the club every night and still not get laid.

Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Accessing Social Circles – Steps to get into social circles without stress – How pick-up artist techniques help take a social circle to greenwsy levels – Social circles are a small part of a bigger social network Module 6: