Based loosely on Gombrowicz’s own experiences as an expatriate, Trans- Atlantyk is steeped in humor and sharply pointed satire, interlaced with dark visions of. Witold Gombrowicz (), novelist, essayist, and playwright, is considered by many to be the most important Polish writer of the twentieth century. Author. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gombrowicz () is best known in this Look inside this book. Trans-Atlantyk by [Gombrowicz, Witold].

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View all 3 comments. D I also liked the way Gombrowicz explained his wor Gombrowicz with all his irony attacks the traditional Polish beliefs, customs and stereotypes. The winner will be whoever is first to draw blood, but puffs of smoke draw nothing: Gombrowicz, who arrived to Argentina, is gombrowucz to behave according to those patterns.

There is yelling and whispering both, and repetition. Witold and his employers are named as seconds. This slippery, tricky style is offered to the reader in a slim novel that is a joy to read. Lists with This Book. Susan Sontag, who wrote the introduction to the Yale edition, tussled with Borchardt over the complex word pupa.

For Gombrowicz, all social customs strangle the individual, cutting him off from spontaneity. Gombrowicz is set in the context of nationalism that tells a human is born into his nationality.

The Obituary by Gail Scott In a world where most stories are produced under severe restrictions of time, space, and genre, The complete review ‘s Review:. But you will never know if you never try!

This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat All in all, not an easy read for someone not familiar with Polish literature. A semi-autobiographical, satirical novel that throws into perspective all of Gombrowicz’s major literary, philosophical, psychological and social concerns. Obscure enough for you? A fantastical series of twists and turns follow in which the young man finds himself, after a debauched night of drinking, involved as a second in a duel.


Their real intention is to ride by the duel and catch a glimpse of the bloodshed, which will, of course, never occur.

Trans-Atlantyk – Wikipedia

The book is an extended examination of what one’s nationality is and what it means. Works by Witold Gombrowicz. This all actually happened to Gombrowicz; but the rest of the novel is not so much a fictionalized autobiography as it is an anachronistic, comic farce that could in some ways be compared to Gulliver’s Gombrowicx, Candide or Don Quixote.

Gmobrowicz concepts of mask, form and action-reaction, so well pronounced in Ferdydurke, come back as the focal points. Also, it’s untranslatable, sorry. Jul 12, Kofeina rated it it was amazing. I really like Gombrowicz, but this book just doesn’t aylantyk it for me. Peki ne bu tabular? October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Trans-Atlantyk definitely stands out from the other Gombrowicz novels I’ve read. Not between laughing and crying.

The cultural critic and novelist insisted it should become rump. The first translation of Gombrowicz’s Trans-Atlantyk was published seventeen years ago in by Yale University Press. Open Preview See a Problem?

He is a migrant arriving from Poland, a weak, constantly attacked nation that has survived because of vigorous attention and self-reassesment. Meanwhile, a cavalcade gallops past, chasing imaginary hares. On the literary ground, Gombrowicz reacts to the XVIII and XIX century Polish literature that had a primary aim of aprising the nation, gloryfying the past and creating sense of pride and community.


Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz

When he returned to Poland he began applying for legal positions with little success. I wish I had a few of my Polish speaking friends living in the neighborhood so they could shed a bit of light upon it for me. They strap spurs to their shoes and, if anyone tries to leave, whoever is closest sticks the would-be-escapee in the leg, or in whatever bit of flesh they can catch.

The origins of Gombrowicz both the author and main character are vital. Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz. And, finally, is nationality chosen or given?

After October four books written by Gombrowicz appeared in Poland and they brought him great renown despite the fact that the authorities did not allow the publication of Dziennik Diariesand later organized Describing his exile in Argentina at the outbreak of World War II it is a convoluted and curiously presented work. Almeno quanto il suo autore.

Mieke Chew is the editor in chief of Higher Arc magazine. Books by Witold Gombrowicz.

Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz

There is a suggestion of Gombrowicz talents, but the translators beat it down with their crude sticks. Published August 30th by Yale University Press first published Forordene – tre stykker!

The book is an English translation of a Polish book which satirizes an antiquated style of Polish novel. Grappling with Cure by Eli