Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i’m sorryi dont underestand english goodi try speak to you1. can i use instrumentation Amp Amplifier Instead Of UA 2. the piezo is not work3. does any one made complete goldscan IV PI metal detector?is it stable?what about the depth?what about the operating frequency?what about.

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I finally got smart and ground balance over a hot rock.

He has helped untold people worldwide to learn, how to modify and godlscan modify himself and answers untold e-mails. So, between the two, they have made this one of the truly great forums. However, even with the mentioned changes, the original GS still will not compare to the new GS 5.

Technology Forum

After digging these up for over an hour. This is a project that I started and ending up sending to Reg for his help. The shaft consists of a lightweight anodised aluminium armsaver assembly which is adjustable in length by means of a locking telescopic collar. I am sure others can say the same. May 19, Only the best high specification components are used and the circuits are subjected to three stages of testing plus a burn in period to ensure the performance is stabilised and is consistent between detectors.


Bill is also quick to help anyone and provide a wealth of info also.

Pulse Technology Goldscan 4

Much iron can be eliminated by judicious use of the DISC. To re charge using the mains charger requires 12 – 14 hours. Click here to login.

The printed circuit boards are computer designed to give maximum reliability and miniaturisation. Ones with my Minelab Golescan, I was hunting an area with a lot of small hot rocks that sounds like faint deep targets.

The GOLDSCAN is designed to be both powerful boldscan versatile in use giving efficient detection in widely different situations both on the beach and inland. May 22, I had removed the probe and its coil wire, there was a net reduction in weight, the battery pack is only 6.

Newer Topic Older Topic. This forum is powered by Phorum. Only gold in Hawaii is what people loose. I think judging by the number of interested Aussies on this forum, there are kv a few of us that refuse to pay Minelab’s exhorbitant prices.

Steve Herschbach Reply Quote. If we a re willing to make a deposit up front we could get the “Introductory Price” and those that wait pay the “Regular Price”. For further assistance Contact: One can truly appreciate Eric’s intellect when they fully examine on a technical level, this PI and the features it had. There seem to be few situations where you really need automatic ground balancing in a PI unit, and it usually sacrifices a tad on sensitivity.


Just the addition of the autotune plus updating the preamp and a few other tricks can make the original GS quite a machine even by today’s standards. May 21, Please put it in a waterproof case TJ Date: Newer Topic Older Topic. I would ground balance to the hot rocks. To Have Salesperson Contact me.

I know alot of discussion about ground balancing is not really clear but it seems that some of the older units like the Goldscan did have ground balance. The battery pack can be replaced easily by the user. Maybe it is alot harder to build them with ground balance? This was built originally by you. If you have to have GB try finding a old Goldscan??

Variable Gain high sensitivity pot replacementAuto Tune was set to Automatic, Has 3 ground adjustment positions plus no ground adjustment, has Varible Disc Control that is a noise reducer, has Frequency control and Threshold.

Loop connectors are sealed weatherproof types. The design has been changed both mechanically and electronically to embody the latest technology in both areas. Heck, I’d even help finance the project! Both boxes are sealed against ingress of water and sand or dust but must not be submerged.