A RuneQuest 3 supplement about the Gods of Glorantha. It contained: A Theyalan Calendar The Prosopaedia. What The Priests Say The Cults Book. supplement Gods of Glorantha, published simultaneously. This book and its companion materials may not be repro- duced whole or in part by any means. Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CONTENTS: * PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of.

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The main treatment of the religions of Glorantha for the third edition of the RuneQuest rules set, this boxed product contains four books or booklets.

Intended for players, the “What the Priests Say” booklet 20 pages gives the views of some major religions from across Glorantha as related by the appropriate religious figures.

The “Cults Book” 84 pages is the main item in this box providing the descriptions for 60 deities and their associated cults and magic. The “Prosopaedia” 20 pages contains a longer list of deities in thumbnail detail.


The “Gloranthan Calendar” 12 pages lays out the days of the year with important holy days and sacred times noted for various deities. Gloranfha section of the magazine is printed sideways, with the staple in the middle.

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The Avalon Hill Game Co. Gloranthan Kultit Finnish Version.

Gods of Glorantha

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Different Worlds Issue 38 – Jan The Love Goddess, from the upcoming Gods of Glorantha. Heroes Volume 1, Number 6. Heroes Volume 1, Number 4.


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