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GMW › Complete Document History General Specification for Electrical/ Electronic Components and Subsystems, Electromagnetic Compatibility Global. GMW, GMW and GMW (All three documents of specifications that apply to GMW EMC test The GMW EMC Test Plan (Appendix B). These requirements have “gone global” in the form of GM Worldwide (GMW) EMC .. GMW – Validation Acceptance Process (EMC Control Plan).

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Some of the data may include: Input filter time constant should be at least 1 ms, especially for analog inputs. Those figures are generic, by nature, and cannot show the details required by a DUT-specific Test Plan.

B2 Printed Circuit Board B2. Provide Name, Email, and Phone Number. C2, power input filter should provide 20 dB of attenuation at kHz using bulk storage electrolytic C[?

Any deviation from the approved test plan and any applicable standards, 3130, but not limited to, test setup and test procedure. List all individual lines or pins pulled up to battery, switched battery e. DUT face with connector parallel to coils, harness perpendicular to coils and? Provisions for current starving the?

GMW 3103:2015

The analog properties of the bus electrical signal e. 31003 data must include a reference to the sample tested. Always provide test data to support claims that any of these recommendations will have negative results on product performance. If signals are to be monitored via oscilloscopes, meters, etc.


Individual with release authority over the product. Direct monitoring using attachments leads to external monitoring devices shall not be included.

User Interface These typically include display panels, gauges, feature selection buttons, backlighting LEDs, etc. For this situation, the motor case shall be connected to the motor winding via a small ceramic capacitor 1 nF, typical. Any deviation from the requirements of this engineering standard, including, but not limited gms, test setup and test procedure.

The cost of meeting radiated emissions is increased substantially due to possibility of having to contain the gme with the addition of shielding the case and possibly filtered connectors.

List all PCB numbers that this test plan is applicable to. Provide data from other modules which may have used similar components. Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. All high-speed control rise and fall times should be minimized or slowed down as much as possible. Textile and leather technology Variation will exist in the parts on test, but not representative of the variation from the production process.

Audio and video engineering These test modes and functional performance metrics shall be detailed in Table A3. Seam contact points should be placed according to? Avoid using expanded memory microprocessors if possible. Provide a block diagram of the fmw simulator and all support equipment both electrical and non-electrical to be used during testing. If an internally slew rate controlled? Fluid systems and components for general use Shipbuilding and marine structures If using device with an 8 MHz clock or higher, use at least 4 layers.


Test results obtained from testing prior to test plan approval shall not be published in a validation report. Review results of performed radiated emissions and immunity testing. Be sure to locate the terminals adjacent to each other in the same connector.

This process does not apply to carryover components or subsystems. Traces are required to be symmetrical to each other or balanced with little trace length. Resources needed for a successful EMC design review other specialists, engineers, purchasing or managers depending on situation and complexity.

If multiple part numbers, identify which vehicles part numbers are used. Packaging and distribution of goods The capacitance value should be calculated from: Rubber and plastic industries Use only low ESR capacitors.

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Consolidated appropriate material from GMW eliminated into this document, removed Suppliers Questionnaire, moved Appendix “A” into body requirements section, renumbered remaining appendices, modified motor filtering in Lessons Learned appendix, more detailed appendices for design review and test plan. Identification of fundamental operating frequencies: Denotes preferences when specifying alternatives or desired conformance with objectives, standards, etc.

This does not work if noise source is within the same distance of largest aperture. Use SMD components with very short traces to the?