Enterprise Linux System Administration. Course Summary. Description. This is an in-depth course that explores installation, configuration and maintenance of. GL Enterprise Linux Systems Administration: RHEL6 SLES11 [Guru Labs L.C.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Advance your learning in GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration with NetCom. NetCom Learning uses vendor-sanctioned Vendor Neutral – Technical.

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System Admin I also provides a foundation for students wishing to become full time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise level tools. Firmenkurs Falls sie ein Mensch sind, lassen sie dieses Feld leer.

Frage zum Kurs Falls sie ein Mensch sind, lassen sie dieses Feld leer. Ihre Fragen zum Kurs. Hardware Discovery Tools 2. Configuring New Hardware with hwinfo 3. Managing Linux Enterpprise Files 7. List Block Devices 8. Configuring Kernel Components and Modules Handling Module Dependencies System Boot Method Overview 2.

Legacy Support for SysV init 6. Booting Linux on PCs 7. GRUB 2 Configuration 9.


GRUB 2 Security Initial RAM Filesystem Linux Runlevels Aliases Legacy local bootup script support System Configuration Files RPM Package Files 5.

Working With RPMs 6. Querying and Verifying with RPM 7. Updating the Kernel RPM 8.

YUM Repository Groups Manually Installed Shared Libraries Resizing a GPT Partition with gdisk 3. Partitioning Disks with parted 4.

GL250 – Enterprise Linux System Administration

Persistent Block Devices 6. Managing an XFS Filesystem Determining Disk Usage With df and du Configuring Disk Quotas Viewing and Monitoring Quotas Logical Volume Management 2. Creating Logical Volumes 4. Exporting and Importing a VG 6. Examining LVM Components 7. Changing LVM Components 8.

Advanced LVM Overview 9. Advanced LVM Components Advanced LVM Caching Array Creation with mdadm Remote Storage Adminstration 2. Remote Filesystem Protocols 3. Remote Block Device Protocols 4.

GL Enterprise Linux System Administration › New Horizons Training (Schweiz) AG

File Sharing via NFS 5. NFS Server Configuration 8.

Multipathing Best Practices Approaches to Storing User Accounts 2. User and Group Concepts 3. Default User Files 8. Controlling Login Sessions 9. PAM Module Types 3. PAM Order of Processing 4. PAM Control Statements 5. Tightening Default Security 3. SuSE Security Checker 4.


GL250 Enterprise Linux System Administration

Fine Grained Authorizations with Polkit 6. File Access Control Lists 7. File Creation Permissions with umask User Private Group Scheme Alternatives to UPG SELinux Security Framework Choosing an SELinux Policy SELinux Policy Tools Linux Network Interfaces 4. Ethernet Hardware Tools 5. Network Configuration with ip Command 6.

GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration Training Course | Certification Exam

Configuring Routing Tables 7. Starting and Stopping Interfaces 9. Information from ss and netstat Hardware and System Clock Managing Network-Wide Time Configuring NTP Clients Multiple IP Addresses 2.

Configuring a DHCP server 3. Log Anomaly Detector Performance Trending with sar 5. Determining Service to Process Mapping 6. Troubleshooting Incorrect File Permissions Inability to Boot Typos in Configuration Files Bewertungen Es gibt noch keine Bewertungen.