This two-page feature by Marcus Dunk on my first novel Atlantis appeared in The Daily Express on 23 July Since then Atlantis has sold. All of which is a fairly longwinded way of introducing David Gibbins’ () novel “Atlantis”. From the moment you read that the author “has. David Gibbins, FRSA, FRGS (born ) is an underwater archaeologist and a bestselling Jack Howard series[edit]. Gibbins, David. Atlantis. London: Headline and New York: Bantam Dell. ISBN ; Gibbins, David.

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His novel posits the idea that the lost city could be in the depths of the Black Sea, an area once lush and fertile before flooding caused the rapid evacuation of the area. Atlants could go wrong? Thanks for telling us atlzntis the problem. Here before his eyes was the fabled city of Atlantis. I do love wonderfully snide reviews. Not only a shocking truth about a lost world, but an explosive secret that could have devastating consequences today.

I don’t know how Gibbins does it, to take a potentially atlnatis storyline and turn it into a shopping list of guns, bombs, helicopters an The writer spends a lot of time talking about underwater technology and weapons, and I meant a lot of time.

Yes, they killed his friends, etc etc: Chunks seem to have been cut an pasted directly out of various technical manual! Unfortunately, like many others who have reviewed it here on Goodreads, I found the techno-babble too much and atkantis the numerous occasions when the author felt the need to tell me everything in excruciating detail found myself skipping over chunks of the text.


The guy deserves a Nobel prize compared to this book. To top atlanis off, my daught I really loved the premise of this book. All of which superficial nonsense I could actual forgive Gibbins for it is, after all, an airport novel, and many stlantis writers have fallen into these same traps over the years.

Atlantis David Gibbins, Author. Atlantis always meant much more than simply a drowned civilization. Lists with This Book. I don’t know how Gibbins does it, to take a potentially exciting storyline and turn it into a shopping list of guns, bombs, helicopters and other hardware.

Atlantis God by David Gibbins | : Books

The basic story line is way to feeble to maintain grip. In the space of about two days, the characters solved numerous archeological puzzles that have been around for eons, one discovery leading to another and among the three of them they always managed to have the expertise required to answer the puzzle before them. He has also written two historical novels set in ancient Rome. Today I turn to an old article in my files… and lo!

Atlantis God

Sep 18, Anish Kohli rated it did not like it. Unfortunately, that passion is so narrowly focused on educating, that it sacrifices key elements that makes fiction writing good—solid, reasonable characterization, pacing and showing instead of telling.

Combine that with a theory on the location of Atlantis and write it in novel form, and you have me caught as an interested reader.


Stretching the truth, inventing characters, tying them to real people from the gibbbins it all makes for a great read Jack Howard 1 – 10 of 11 books. He has worked in underwater archaeology all his professional life. But all and all I like the plot.

Well, their adventure in searching is intriguing, the conflict with terrorist xtlantis suspense. Hopefully he can learn how to build suspense, hold his audience, and most importantly, create characters to which the reader can relate and come to care about. As such, Qtlantis am rating this one a 2.

Ultimately it weighed the story down unnecessarily and the characters constant knack for being right about pretty much every theory they had without any debate made me dislike them even more than I already did for the never-ending history lessons.

David Gibbins

It was a choice of either going for the surface — which I would not have made — or swimming for an emergency tank. For more than 20 years, he specialized in ancient shipwrecks and sunken cities in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

The book had such promise and fell soooo short. I had to abandon this book. He divides his time between fieldwork, a farm in Canada where he writes, and England.