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Each of us are able to enhance the quality of nutrition and through this, make positive health changes. We have a bad opinion of bread, but bread has actually been a staple food for people for hundreds of years. Many books written on this topic are generally containing uninformative, unfounded or false in-formation. Diseases which were at one time considered eradicated are now showing up as more aggressive and even more difficult to treat.

Where are our limits? In order to achieve this we need a certain amount of knowledge. Do you enjoy being manipulated by others and their constant meddling into your life? Are you fed up with excess weight, constant stress and variable blood pressure?

Then we can treat ourselves to some fresh or dried fruit, healthy chocolate made of bananas, cocoa, honey or maltex. Just like we often eat out of anxiety, we also spend money for the same reason, and it is crucial that we gain control over everything that we do — and this is what Georgij Nazarov especially highlights.

This book will provide a broad outlook on this approach. No glue in the stomach How to start changing lifestyle habits?

Facing oneself

Human body has a great healing power, but those resources are not inexhaustible. It stays in the intestines and they cannot function properly. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Wholemeal bread without yeast helps bring blood sugar levels to normal, it increases strength, endurance, cleanses the intestines and helps maintain optimal weight, while not even beetles that attack wheat will eat white bread.


Looking at this list, skipping even one step will prevent us from benefits of proper health and nutrition.

Those that do not fall in the previous category usually focus on a narrow area of interest of health nutrition leaving out major topics related to this area.

Doctors of modern medicine in most countries around the world, unfortunately, has a very superficial, narrowly focused and frequently outdated knowledge about healthy nutrition.

WelcomeGeorgij nazarov – Sistem zdravog života

Your email address will not be published. To completely understand the concept of health and nutrition we must look at the following areas:. We can add a mixture of ground raw seeds or wheat germs into every lunch. What we know about healthy nutrition today and what has always been stated is that healthy nutrition brings health, improves mental capacity, longer life expectancy and increased strength and durability. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Previous post How to quickly arrange, nazatov or buy property? It will help you reawaken your life and your habits, get rid of addictions and start managing your time and money better.

Such bread makes glue in our bodies, which we could use for sticking wallpapers to walls. He began researching different methods that his health would benefit from and he succeeded in doing that. Previous post Surgical removal georgjj moles Miholcic, Md.

It improves functioning of the thyroid, psychophysical condition, sleeping, functioning gworgij the immune system, and leads to a decreased evening food craving… Breakfast should contain all of the necessary dietary components, it should contain a couple of dried fruits, apricots, plums, figs, wheat germs, as well as a mixture of flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, nazariv, flax seed oil, cocoa, a couple of raw almonds, Brazilian nuts, a little bit of cinnamon and water, so that we can make a porridge or mould all of that into some kind of a cake.


Implementing fasts, vegetarianism, a macrobiotic diet veorgij many other diets are good attempts to help in achieving our goal for better quality of life and well-functioning body. And that is why we feel discontent when we confront ourselves.

It is important to understand that much of our knowledge has been taught by teams of people, frequently doctors, who have connections with the food industry. On his journey, he met a surgeon — Jurij Mihajlovic Levinson, doctor of medical sciences, who helped Georgij tremendously, and they also started working together eventually.

A meal like this contains all of the necessary nutrients georyij should be nazarof.

Whilst, by eating healthy food we have georgji significant changes, most of the time it is still considered unhealthy. This way we can clean the intestines well, get rid of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, consume potassium which helps muscles relax and blood circulate, consume high quality iron, antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will cleanse blood vessels and lead to achieving optimal body weight, and we will look better.