Francisco Colasanto is the author of Max/Msp ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews , published ). Francisco Colasanto is writing the second volume of his book. ISBN: pending. All rights reserved. Made in México. Translation: Roberto Becerra . Translation review: Tim Poulin. Cover design: Francisco Colasanto.

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Buy Max 8 Now. There are several things worth mentioning. In the first instance could be identified as the result of the new phase of work CMMAS, where we try to actualize and utilize the latest technologies for the creation, dissemination and distribution of content.

There are many artists currently working with interactive techniques and many others interested in getting started. Those of us around him have seen the growth of the project had been planned even before the birth of CMMAS and have seen the tenacity and conviction with which he has colaasanto on this new step in extending the scope of such a significant project.

Although my book about Max took almost 3 years of my life, I’m composing music for mixed media when I’m not writing. You focus a large portion of the book on Max objects and MIDI, leaving sound processing for the later chapters. In your perspective, where is the most exciting stuff happening right now in the Spanish-speaking world?

As far as I know, there is francieco any other version in Spanish.

CMMAS – Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas Volumen 2. | Events, activities, news

In my opinion, there’s a strong demand in Latin America. I realized that I could create visual program routines using interconnected boxes. At that time I was working in a small electroacoustic music laboratory in Buenos Aires. This text is colaswnto the result of a personal and professional long time and tremendous effort that went from being single to being a team project.


Nov 27 4: Of course I used the tutorials in English. There are also many people doing things in Spain, of course. I started working with Max in I studied Csound a lot, and when I found Max it was like a revelation.

CMMAS is then a space of connection and transfer of knowledge through creative processes that can be shared only through experience and conscious reflection on the meaning and impact of new technologies. Somehow, in this new publication, all in the CMMAS, we had a work described as “satellite” because they constantly turn around work of Francis, who has become central to the existence and technical capacity of the Centre. If this book were the start of a series, how would you follow it up?

You can learn how to write in Max as you learn to speak another language. What can someone expect to learn xolasanto reading this book?

An Interview with Francisco Colasanto

I thank Francisco for sharing with us, so selfless and creative, knowledge and experience are now available through the new mobile devices, this paper has shown that serves the needs of many artists since its first edition printed in I’ve dictated several Max courses in Argentina, and all of them were always very crowded.

After following all the projects proposed and when you finish the book, you should be ready to create complex and useful patches for the development of an interactive project. This text Francisco has made all Max can understand from a perspective that is useful to us as artists. I think this has been clearly identified by the author from the beginning, and the result is a compendium of strategies and examples updated on thought structures implemented so that changes and improvements in equipment and software versions do not affect significantly.


The first thing I did was to migrate all my orchestras from CSound to Max. In this interview, we get a chance to catch up with Francisco and learn more about his in-depth book as well as his work at CMMAS in Mexico and elsewhere.

Areas of activity Achievements Agreements Academic advisors Staff. Can be used as a reference source on the Max programming language, which has become essential for all artists interested in the control of audio, MIDI devices and current cutting edge technologies, but at the same time I am sure to be a invaluable resource for those who are interested in learning step by step programming language that is installed as central today and experience it so clearly linked to the creative process.

Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st. There was no Max literature into Spanish, and in fact I think my ftancisco is actually the first Spanish book on this topic. Mwx e-book, then, is a research and teaching technique that has successfully integrated a system of transmission of complex knowledge in an efficient and well-devised with the advantage that you can follow the text at different levels of depth.

There are a lot of enthusiastic people in Argentina working in many of the universities in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, and several others. An Interview with Francisco Colasanto — Cycling